What I do

This is a brief outline of some of the things I do, and the services I provide.
Overall, I am a healer and I do most of my healing through readings, blogging adn writing.  I am also interested in balancing the Earth’s energy as well as helping those who live on her to do the same.

To contact me: Please email me at
wyldvynes@gmail.com or leave a comment here (see the window at the bottom).

My company is called Compass Rose Energy Works.
My tag line is “Find your Direction”

I use these tools to effect this directional and connectional stuff:

Energy Healing:
I have trained in belief work, soul retrieval (cutting ties and calling back your energy), relationship changes, transition, past life healing, changing family and relationship dynamics, and other physical healing. I usually work with issues and have set the intent that those who come to me are looking to make rofound changes in their lives for the better.

I’m not currently taking new healing clients but I do incorporate healing into my card readings as well.  If you are looking for energy healing, please contact me at wyldvynes@gmail.com and I can refer you to some other practitioners.

Readings: Voice Channelling (Intuitive Guidance) / Cartomancy / Oracle Cards
I also do healing work through voice channeled readings – I open myself up and channel messages from your guides and angels. Often called intuitive readings, i don’t use cards (I’ve tried) to deliver information and always set the intent that I am doing a reading for the client’s highest good.

I’ve recently started using cards (since the summer) and am finding them to be a lot of fun.  I can read with any type of oracle card (not tarot though) and it’s easier for me to do those readings with short card descriptions (like a single word). 

I also do cartomancy – that is readings using playing cards.  cartomany is ancient and there are mixed theories about where the practice began and when and how it’s related to tarot.  Like tarot, each card has a meaning, and each suit has a meaning as well but unlike tarot, there are only the face cards and not the major arcana.  As I was reasearching cartomancy, I found that there are many different ways to work the cards (i.e. using 32 cards, 36 cards, the whole deck, with jokers, without jokers, etc) and there are many different meanings to the cards. 

Please contact me at 403-462-4864 or at wyldvynes@gmail.com.

I do readings at parties!! If you want to have something different at your bridal or baby shower, your corporate event, or your home event, I can come to you. Depending on the number of people at your event, readings are usually 10 to 15 minutes per person.

I work mostly in and around Calgary and I sometimes travel to Red Deer, so can make arrangements to go there if you have an event there or can make arrangements if you’re not far from town. 

If you have a large event, I can make arrangements for other readers to come as well.

Please contact me for more information: wyldvynes@gmail.com.

Soul Clearing Sessions
Newly developed is the Soul Clearing. This is a combination of energetic healing and messages delivered by your guides and angels, with the intent to clear any blockages you may have to either finding your direction or getting back on track with it. It also helps heal your connection to your Higher Self (your Soul without the Human Condition), to others and to the Earth. These sessions are usually done in an hour.

Intuitive Coaching and Training
Mostly through requests from other people, this has developed over time.
I teach a course called Intro to Intuition, where I teach you to connect to your Intuition (or Higher Self) and how to tell the difference between your intuition and your imagination;  I teach using cards, pendulums and talking boards.
Soon to be coming: Using cards in your healing practice and “How to find your own direction”! Using the Joy booklet and soul messages cards, we’ll clear out some pathways for you.

WyldVynes Creations
Yes, this is where WyldVynes comes from.
Wirework Accessories
I make custom order wirework pendulums and sun catchers for you home or car. I also sometimes make jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces), and also make bookmarks. For the most part I use semi-precious stones to make these items so whatever you choose has the energy to support you.  All great gifts for yourself, or for others.   If you want a custom made pendulum or have a stone(s) that you want me to work with, just email me and we can go from there. wyldvynes@gmail.com

Also, included here is totes. I love to sew and I love tote purses. Hence the combination. Nothing ready for sale yet but wait for it!

My BLOG: Wyldvynes.wordpress.com
Well, if you’re here, you can see what it is about. My intent is to chronicle my growth and efforts to achieve a happier life, through my own healing, through healing and helping others, and through writing on what I think it’s all about.
So, if you think it can help someone else, please pass on the link.

Where do I do these things?
I  don’t have a specific venue for readings or healing work and usually will make arrangements away from my own home. However, I do have transportation so can come to your home too.  I do work (readings and some healing work) at a little shop in town called Angels, Guides and Spirits (4818 16 St NW, Calgary, AB, 403-264-3576) on Saturdays. My courses will mostly be taught through Angels as well.

You can contact me at 403-462-4864 or at wyldvynes@gmail.com.

Background Info:
See also About Me Page.

Level 3 Healing Touch International:
Now known as Healing Touch Program, it was developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN. It’s #1 attractor for me was that it is non-denominational and uses neutral language to describe things, i.e. the Universal Energy. Also teaches excellent basics for doing energy work.
Web info: www.healingtouchcalgary.com

EMP (Energy Medicine Practitioner) in TYLEM:
TYLEM (Transform your Life with Energy Medicine), with Energy Medicine Partnerships International, was developed by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, EdD, RN, CEMP/S/I, CHTP/I. It is very spiritual based. It flat out calls on spirit (whatever that may be, guides, angels, people in spirit, etc) to help effect healing in a quicker way. It’s pretty amazing.
Web info: http://www.energymedicinepartnerships.com

Developed by Gary Craig, called Emotional Freedom Technique. It works with tapping on certain points on the body to release fears and beliefs (it works on everything). A very powerful tool, it works by release energy stored in the body’s energy meridians; acupuncture and acupressure work with the meridians as well.
Web Info: http://www.emofree.com

Voice Channeling
Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham for The Law of Attraction material) does voice channeling.  She’s smoother than I am but we do the same thing.
I trained with WendyAnna, a former Pet Psychic with Country 105; she taught the Micheal System of channeling and belief.
Overall, as a healer, I started channeling Universal / Source Energy so when I started doing channeling it was easy as I was used to being connected to Source.

To contact me:
403-462-4864 or wyldvynes@gmail.com


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