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What’s the scoop for 2009? Living an Authentic life.

Well, here it is.  2009.  Where on earth did it come from?  It certainly seems like time is moving faster than ever before and I think the physicists are trying to prove it – something to do with the universe shrinking??  Who knows.  I failed Physics in University – I always had a hard time believe that the desk pushed back.  Of course, now that I’m more enlightened (heehee) I’m willing to accept the desk pushing back.

So, time is moving faster.  I think.  Maybe I’m just having more fun – which is true too.  Now that I’ve come in to my own (reality, gifts, passions) life is more interesting.

For 2009, I did a little bit of channeling and asked the guides what is going on.  I got a fair bit but one of the main themes was living an authentic life.  I did a card reading with a friend on New Year’s Day as well and she got the same message, and did some healing last week as well and got the same message so I gather it’s a pretty big deal.

Live an authentic life.  What does that mean?  That means living in our truth, no longer accepting things because it’s easier than not to but to actually look at our lives and see what we’re unhappy about and where we’re unhappy and fix it or at least acknowledge it – something a lot of us don’t do because the alternative is – well, what will I do?  How will I pay the bills.  But the catch is, in acknowledging our truth, our unhappiness if that is the case, also means we now have to do something about it.

Is it easy?  No, it’s not.  It’s damned scary – believe me.  I quit my job in May; it was a nice little company but I wasn’t happy there, I didn’t like me there and they weren’t happy with me either although my work was always pretty good but that wasn’t enough.  I was getting bad headaches that were lasting 2 and 3 days at a time and finally, I said enough. I didnt’ know how I was going to pay the bills, or what I was going to do but I knew that I was going to give notice, and for the first time in a very very long time, I was going to actually quit my job and not get laid off from it.  So I did.

I went in and talked to the boss, a great guy, and he said, well, let’s see what we can do to help you.  And he did: they gave me work for the first 2 months and kept me in rent money and then it tricked off a bit but I started temping and so on to where I am now.  I don’t get much work from them anymore but they’re with the oil industry so it’s a bit slow right now. And that’s okay.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been tough times, but I would rather be stressed about money and focusing on what’s important to me than feeling like I’m dying and losing myself every time I  get out of bed or walk into the office.

Looking at your truth does create a new level of awareness.  It does mean setting new priorities and it does mean that we can’t go back. Once you’ve seen the light and found even a bit of happiness, it’s kind of hard to go back to hell.

So, how do you get through it? Day by day, minute by minute and with faith.  You have to do it with the faith that if you are following what makes you happy that you can manifest situations you need to make ends meet to continue following your bliss – or finding your happiness. To manifest you have to be postive in setting your intent.  No worrying about how to pay the bills until you’re up against the wall (?? what??? I don’t know how to answer that one) but to get through, manifest the situation you want – the positive outcome you want by not accepting anything else but the postive outcome and not focusing on what you don’t have but what you do have and on what you want and in not defining how you want it.

For example, if you want money, ask for money and let go of how it will come to you.  Don’t limit the options of how money can come to you by only saying I need to get a job or more hours.  I do readings, healings, admin work, and work as a temp.  I can also shovel walks, get lottery tickets and have old relatives who may die and parents and friends.  They all have money – so money can come in many different ways.  So, don’t limit how the money gets to you – just ask for it to come and the opportunity to make it come if necessary.

The guide entity call Abraham, whom Esther Hicks channels for compares it to swimming in a river.  When you are out of alignment with truth, with what makes you happy, you are swimming upstream, and making things more difficult.  When you’re on your path and living in truth, you are swimming downstream.

Remember physics again?  Like attracts like.  If you’re positive you’ll attract positive and vice versa.  Think negative and it will come. Try it with parking sometime.  It might not work the first time but it will eventually.  I will get a great parking space.  And bear in mind, it might relative – only 20 cars away from teh door rather than 50.  It’s relative.  and as you stay postiive and get stronger at putting out those vibes, you’ll be able to get really good parking.  Just try it – it does work.

Do I have all the answers and have it all worked out? Nope.  But I’m working on it and it is a struggle every day.  I spent the whole month of December worrying about how much money I didn’t have rather than writing articles and doing what I do like to do adn enjoying the time off.  I was broke for the month and had to take some other measures to pay the rent.  I didn’t believe.  But I’m working on it now and I’ve already made more money in these first 5 days of January than I did the entirety of last month.  It does work.  And I’m proving it, a little at a time, both to myself and to anyone who wants to listen or read about it.

An authentic life.  It’s easier once you overcome your fear, your doubt, all the inborn training and belief systems that we’re raised with and your ego.  But unfortunately, part of the human condition is that if it’s too easy, we don’t believe it’s worth it.  The truth is that is should all be easy.

The universe moves in mysterious ways.  Make the mystery yours and follow your truth.

With love and light,



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