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Monday, April 13

Well, as usual, I had a topic but forgot about it. Oh, well, I’m sure we’ll get something out of this one.
Hope everyone had a good Easter – I know mine was busy cooking and getting lots of things done so I didn’t get as much downtime as I would have liked. Oh, well. But this does remind me of a topic . . .

Last week was the full moon (9th) and of course, Easter. Easter, no matter your religion or beliefs, is about rising – a new rising, as something greater than before. When there is that much energy surrounding an event, it does spill out and create it’s own history, without even the people attached – or so I believe. It’s like a tidal wave, I guess. Also, like a self-fulfilling prophecy – the more you try not to think about something, the more it comes to you; or the more people believe in something, the more likely it is to happen.

Anyway, I was talking to a few people last week and was noticing how fast things were moving around in my own schedule. And what was interesting was that almost everyone I spoke to talked about something changing – something big changing, and shifting. Whether it was moving homes, breaking up, getting ready to start another job, moving to be more dedicated to looking after themselves, etc. Everyone was talking about it. I felt it too – aside from some job opportunities that came up (not followed through yet on everything), I could feel a balance beginning – like something settling into place (the image I had was of a pendulum coming back and settling at center). Balance is always something I’ve had to work for – and now that I’ve been doing lots of healing on myself, I’m beginning to feel, and see, that I have it.

On top of the Full Moon, and the Rising (the Phoenix), the new starts, there is 2009 – as the astrologers will say – something about Capricorn and moving forward (I don’t know for sure – you’ll have to talk to an astrologist) but as much as the moves have started – finding meaning in one’s life, and making time for more significant things, people are continuing to grow and expand their awareness and it’s very exciting to see.

So, my advice to you is, if you’re shifting, and you are changing, and you’re not sure what’s going on, take some quiet time, do some slow deep breathing with some nice music in a comfortable position, connect to your Higher Self (your soul, without the human condition attached) and ask what is going on. Is it in your best interests, even though it’s scary as all hell? Yes, it is. So, take a deep breath, and hold on for the ride. Trust that you’ve set up your life for yourself the way it will best serve you to learn those lessons and grow. And if you’re blocking – find a healer, or ask for healing from your guides and angels, and ask them to move out any blockages, quickly, smoothly, and most of all, gently. They will help. You are never alone, so ask them to show you they are with you, too; be patient with that though – it takes time to see differently.

You will get through this, just as we all will.

With love and light,

Qs or Cs? Email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca


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Fearless Inventory reveals Safety Girl

Have you ever heard the term “fearless inventory”? And no, I’m not talking about counting all those dust and cobweb-covered (ooh, the spiders!) cans in the back corner. It’s a term that has floated around for a while with different programs out there and it’s really both interesting and not a little unsettling.

As I recall, taking a “fearless inventory” means looking at all of your “stuff”, both your light “stuff” and your dark “stuff” (but mostly your dark “stuff”) without blinders on, without fooling yourself about it but also without judging yourself for it. It means looking at all that stuff and either fixing it or making reparations for it, then accepting it and making the effort and the commitment to not do it again and to move on and learn from it. It’s unsettling because it means admitting to yourself and sometimes others that you were wrong in your behaviour, in your belief and maybe even your boundaries. It may also mean looking at other events that occurred in your life that are painful and confusing and in looking at the boundaries that arose from those events. So, unsettling could be putting it mildly.

Taking this inventory, maybe not entirely, but certainly regarding some of my behaviours that I have been recently wallowing in, is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been looking at them (my behaviours and habits) and looking at what I can do to make reparation for them and in the effort, grow as a person. This also has the added benefit of working towards making myself a clearer vessel both to channel energy for healing and readings but also to channel more positive things for myself (like a regular income) and to others. And i can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I can see changes in my behaviour and how things affect me but growth is an ever upward-spiraling event so we address different aspects of the same things over and over again, clearing our vibrational levels as we go through each experience again, and again. So, there is growth and change and it is sometimes faster than other times but it does happen even if we can’t seem to see movement – so again, back to unsettling, and so it should be. But there is growth and while you may not always be able to see it, others will and eventually you’ll feel the difference inside you when you make a decision about something and it’s a different decision that what you would have done before. This is redefining your boundaries and it comes from taking this “fearless inventory”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to talk about boundaries but sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out your own and to figure out when you need to set some and release others.

The stuff that I have been most recently trying to figure out is about why I’m so territorial, why other peoples’ noise bothers me so much, why the little things get to me, why I remember almost every slight ever done to me and why people on this earth are here to torment me (only slightly egocentric), or more specifically, what lesson is it that I am to learn from these experiences? As a “cancer” in the astrological show, my tendencies include being oversensitive and living in the past. So, we’re back to overcoming my nature and I’ve been trying to look at it objectively, being honest about it but not beating myself up about it (tapping (EFT) has been helping a lot here).

And I think I’ve figured it out, finally. At least, for me.

Those things, territoriality, annoyed by little things, they are about safety. It’s about having boundaries in a physical way (rules) when you don’t trust that you have the strength, or more likely, courage, to address those boundary issues at the time they actually arise. And in the past, I was not able to address some boundary issues so I suppose it makes sense. I was too shy, too embarrassed, too ashamed, etc, to speak to anyone about things or as I got older, but not necessarily calmer, I was too abrupt and rude about it because I was scared silly of saying anything at all so when I finally got the guts to say anything, I was so angry about it that I was out of control. And those rules seem to be pretty important to me. However, I’m trying to overcome those tendencies. Sometimes those rules can get pretty specific (kind of like French Grammar – like this but only for 3 things, and the rest of the time it’s like this) and are sometimes pretty random, as my roommate will certainly attest to.

But the other thought that comes with this business about boundaries and safety is that if we are working to live a more authentic life, to live more in tune with the Higher Self, more in tune with that part of us not affected by the human condition, then shouldn’t we be letting go of those things? Shouldn’t we be letting go of that need for safety? When it boils down to it, does the soul actually need safety? Does the soul really need boundaries?

I don’t think it does. I think the soul is perfectly safe, despite dire threats to the contrary by so many groups out there. Granted, it is bound to the human body (no offense to non-humans here) but I don’t think it needs the extra boundaries. It’s the human ego and the human condition that needs them. The soul just needs to remember what it is.

Supposedly, the lives we live here are ones of learning, of illusion, as some put it, and not of actual “reality” (let’s not get to existential right now). The reality is that the soul is completely connected to Source, and is a piece of the Divine, of Source and safety is a human condition construct, just as is our experience here, on this earth. So, as part of Source, can the soul be damaged? Can Source be damaged?

In the bigger picture, no, I don’t think Source can be damaged. Can you hurt God? Can you hurt the Universal Energy, the Universal Love, that only loves and accepts unconditionally?

Are boundaries necessary, though? As humans, oh, yes, I think so. It’s kind of a mixed bag though, isn’t it? On one hand, do we need to have boundaries if we are all a part of Source, but we are taught, and I think rightly so, that boundaries are necessary for self-respect, and other things. But are those boundaries actually helping us to get clearer? To get closer to the Divine? In deciding to say no to something we don’t want to do, then that really is a step towards the Divine because we are trying to be happier and more at peace, the path to becoming more compassionate, and more of a divine vessel for light and love.

So, in setting boundaries, we set ourselves up to either be happy, or to be miserable and safe. I suppose the trick is to know the difference. And now we’re back to safety. Sometimes, I guess, since there is no way around having experiences where all of our boundaries may be tested, then we have to set the intent for ourselves that we set the boundaries that are the best for us and then hope for the best. And well, I suppose the truth is that the best is what each of us will get anyway, no matter how we go forward or what decisions we make – they are all the right choices.

I do work under the assumption that reality, as defined by books (I don’t know physics here, so I’m going with the simple definitions), is what you make of it. That each of us is a part of a larger piece and that piece, the soul, as we call it, chooses the life it wants to lead before it comes to this plane of existence, to Earth. And, as neutral beings of love (Universal Love Source Energy), then all manner of lifestyle and choice is a choice of love, a choice made without fear, without boundaries, for the experience. The boundaries come after we get here. So, in growth, we need to re-evaluate those boundaries on a regular basis and expand our definition of safety, or narrow it, depending on your outlook.

With Love and Light,

Questions, comments? Email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.

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2012, Part 2


We were talking about win-win (2012, Part 1): when I do healing, I channel Source (Universal Love) energy through me and the client accepts or draws what they need from that flow and I end up receiving some from the flow as well (there is always enough for everyone). We were also talking about how we can help the Earth, Gaia, through her process and the changes that will occur in 2012. Given all this, what if we set the intent to do a win-win-win situation?

First of all, let me explain intent.

Intent is, according to Dictonary.com, the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object. Intent is also to have meaning or significance.

Intention, from the same source, is purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.

So, some examples of setting an intention, or setting the intent are:

I set the intent to actually get my writing done (haha);

I set the intent that today will be a good day and I will stay in my happy place;

I set the intent that this healing is for this person’s highest good and that anything not for my their highest good be moved out quickly, smoothly, gently, and easily for the energy fields; or, when you’re doing it for yourself,

I set the intent that this healing is for my highest good, etc

You get the point (if you don’t, let me know and I’ll try and explain it better).

Basically, you are setting the state of your mind and/or directing your mind (or energy) towards a specific outcome. In healing, and in most things, we set the intent to have a positive outcome, whether it’s clearing out our “stuff” (emotions, physical symptoms, etc that no longer serve us), or getting to work on time and in 1 piece (certainly something to work towards with the side roads the way they are right now in Calgary), or setting the intent that we will have a good time. In some ways, we undergo a change in perspective because we are deciding the outcome before hand so whatever happens, if we maintain faith in the postive outcome, it’s okay, because we’ll get what we aimed for in the end. And it’s not just the healer who sets the intent either –   the client has to set the intent for the session as well – this is called a common goal.  You discuss with the client what their goals are and establish those and set the intent for the healing session around those goals.

As for negative intent . . . well, you can certainly set the intent to have a negative outcome but why would you? There’s enough negative garbage floating around all you have to say is come to me and there it is.

So you say the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, I think that’s a discussion for another day (and I’ll get to it) Let’s just stick with setting the intent to have a positive outcome that is in the other person’s best interest, and not in your own.

So, back to win-win-win and how we can get there and how we can use the principle of energy flow to create a win-win-win to help Gaia, the Earth. Remember, Gaia, the woman who came to you for help in her healing process? She’s Earth and she needs help. So whenever you are doing healing work and setting the intent that your client get exactly what they need to help themselves heal, also set the intention to send any extra energy to the Earth, to Gaia, to help her healing too. Not much effort required there – just set the intent and allow that Source energy to flow through you. The intent your setting is for the extra energy, not used by your client or by you go to Earth for her to use it. She knows what to do with it and there are other people working to help her with that too so don’t sweat it, just send it.

Now, I am not however suggesting in ANY WAY that you compromise your client care. If you aren’t comfortable with setting an intent other than that for your client care, then don’t. Your client is your primary concern. Don’t compromise them or yourself. What’s that expression, Do what you will, an it harm none. So it should be. It is your duty and responsibility as a caregiver to create a safe place for your client (s) to do their healing work in and a sacred contract of sorts to be their access to Universal (Source) Love and Energy.  You also have a responsibility to leave your stuff out of the session as well; don’t forget that part either.  Stay focussed on the client’s needs.

However, if you do feel okay setting a secondary intent, then do. When you work with intent, stating it clearly helps. So how you would state it? What is the call for help?

Well, the basics of a general, everyday, client focused call for Source to come in and help us goes something like this:

We set the intent for this time and this place that this client (person/name of client) receive energy to help them release anything not for their highest good and for it to move out quickly, smoothly, gently and easily.

All the healers I’ve worked with have a variation of this statement.  The main element is that the process be for the client’s highest good a.k.a. a positive outcome for them. As a healer, I don’t normally set a specific intent for myself in my client sessions but there is certainly nothing to stop me from doing so provided I make it clear that the client is first priority.  But I (and you) passively absorb energy for healing anyway and your body is, in some ways, trained to use any Source / positive energy it gets access to for it’s highest good. Or at least its highest priority which, as we know, is not always its highest good but let’s stay positive here.

To expand the client statement from above, you might add something to the effect that any extra energy not used by the client or yourself be forwarded to Gaia, to Earth, to be used for her highest good.

So, win-win-win and not so much extra effort.

If you don’t want to do a three-way, just set the intent to do a healing session directly with Gaia.  And how do you set mutual goals and do an assessment on her?  Well, I’ll come back to that another day – I need to ask my guides about that (and ask Gaia, I suppose).

And, yes, it is true that some people need more energy than others, which is why there are so many different types of healers out there.  People just starting with energy work often can’t handle as much as those who have been doing it regularly.  It’s kind of like exercise:  the more you do, the easier it becomes.  Gaia’s pretty big though,  so how do you make sure you don’t get sucked dry, or spontaneously combust with the kind of energy that she might draw through you? Most people build up to it and as you’re ready to move stuff (your personal “stuff” that is), you will draw more energy. It’s a natural thing – as you clear yourself, so there is more space for energy to flow – kind of like the difference between a clear artery and a clogged one.  So how do you make sure that you aren’t going to be sucked dry by Gaia?

Well, many, including me, believe that we are the connectors between Heaven (Source Energy) and Earth (Gaia).  If we are, then we are constantly in a cycle of moving energy through us from Source, to Gaia and back again so handling that energy flow is something we all do every day.  In a healing, you just  set the intent that you only channel as much energy as you can handle at this point so you aren’t going to burn out or spontaneously combust.  I don’t think that would actually happen, I think there are natural shut down valves of sorts in our bodies;   we do hit burn out points and max out our stress level, but you never know.  At this point, I would stick with the principle of better safe than sorry and set the intent that you are going to be the bottle neck and will only channel as much energy to her as you can handle.

But something else about healing . . . don’t do any focused client work (with Gaia, or anyone else) unless you are feeling strong enough to do it.  Channelling energy takes energy, so if you haven’t got much to spare to start with (you’re tired, sick, worn out, etc) then how can you spare any to work with? It’s kind of like a starter on an engine – it runs off the battery (I think) so you need some juice to get the rest of the juice running.  You don’t want to burn yourself out because then you can’t help anyone else; sometimes not even yourself.

And, what if you aren’t a healer?  What can I, the lay person, who doesn’t do specific healing work, do for Gaia? Aside from recycling and taking the bus or walking that is?  I have notes for you too ut that will be for the next part of this series (part 3)

Take care,

With love and light,


Please be aware that all opinions stated in here are my own. MY OWN. They are based on my experiences and my beliefs. So, if I’ve described something that you don’t agree with, or feel differently about – good – we should all hear different opinions and ideas so we can open up our reality and our vision and see more of what’s out there. Send me a comment about it.  You can leave a comment here or send me an email at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.

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2012, Part 1

So, I’ve decided this will be my primary site – I’ll have 2 sites – one for healing work and advertising the things that I do (healing, past life healing, intuitive training / coaching, voice channeled readings (like what Esther Hicks does with Abraham), and some other things that are fun, like making jewelry and bags.  The 2nd site which I’ve not yet created but will do so later this week is about the unusual questions that I’ve had and have channeled answers for – you can go there to see more when the time comes.  I’ll keep you posted – well, you’ll see the links at the left of my postings here I guess.  (I’m not sure how it works yet  . . .).

One of the things that I’ll be talking about on this particular site is . . . you got it, what everyone else is talking about . . . 2012.  To be honest, I don’t know a lot about it but it sounds damned scary.  When I first started channeling 4 and a half years ago though, I hadn’t really heard about it and didn’t really give it much credence – I mean – look at the turn of this millennia / century (2000).

It was predicted to be the end of the world, second coming, etc. However, it was not the end of the world.  It was certainly a shift in perspective and notice that as we got closer to it we were able to break down WHY it was thought to be the end of the world – it was really only the end of the world AS WE KNEW IT.  What happened? Well, there was all this stuff about computers and the experts wrote lots of programs to fix that and everyone did what they could to prepare for possible disasters. And while not all of the problems were perhaps anticipated or were resolved with the programming, for the most part, we knew what to expect. We had PLANNED for disaster and managed to mitigate it. Of course, we had to discover the computer first and make a few other connections too.

Now look at 2012. First of all, not many of those in political influence seem to think there’s a problem – yes, the scientists are predicting a shifting of the poles, and giant solar flares, greenhouse gasses, nuclear winter, ice age, etc. And no one seems to be doing anything about it.

As a healer, I have a different perspective on this particular event. My guides have told me that 2012 is going to happen (well, yeah, it comes after 2011) but that there would large scale, possible catastrophic events happening which could destroy the world and everything on it, including humans. However, they cannot predict when I ask them what is going to happen. They say it’s happened before, and it will happen again. What they liken it to though is the healing process that people go through.

If you’re new to the world of energetic healing, or have never really been interested in it, I’ll explain a bit here.

When a client gets on the healing table, they have the expectation to heal something within themselves. Energetically, we have several layers – not just the body, and for the most part all physical ailments have a mental, emotional and spiritual aspect to them as well. In fact, I believe that ALL physical conditions have these other aspects to them and this is what makes you sick – the physical is only the symptom of the real issue (anger, fear, depression). I actually believe that ALL physical ailments have their source in another part of our system – usually emotional). As does Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) and many may have heard of her. Well, the Healer, or provide, practitioner, as you wish, acts as a gateway – we create a safe place for the client to do their healing in, and we provide a conduit, a channel, if you will, to Source, God, Allah, the Universe, however, you describe the Great All Knowing and All Loving. We act as a conduit for the client to draw on this Source energy, this Universal Unconditional Love, to heal themselves. As a healer, I create the space, not do all the healing. That’s not to say we don’t make suggestions, give the client homework in the form of self-care, or maybe point out things that are not quite obvious to them but that would help with their healing process. We are healing counselors in many ways.

When a client heals though, there are effects that occur, yawning, coughing, hyperventilating, passing air, throwing up, laughing, crying, sneezing, shivering, shouting, and whatever other reaction you can think of and those that you can’t may occur. This is a release process – we release energy that we’ve been holding in and it releases unpredictably. Usually a person, if they go through this process will have some idea of what will happen, of what their reactions usually are. For example, I usually get really, really cold and get shivery, and yawn and cry. When it’s a really big shift, sometimes I’ve gotten sick to my stomach. But I always get cold when I’m shifting something. Shifting means releasing energy. And the energy release can come from your immediate physical body – from the “injury” site itself, from your aura, and from your cells. We each of us have a cellular memory of all of our lifetimes (yes, past lives) and there are repeating patterns that come through for us. This is how we shift. We let go.

The corollary to the client’s healing is that not only does the healee, the client, receive healing but so do I. Think about it – if you’re standing there as a channel for something – don’t you think you’re going to benefit from it as well or be affected by it if you’re channeling negative stuff? Yes, you will, whether you are aware of it or not. In truth, in many ways, all the work we do as healers is part of our own healing. Others appear with similar issues to help us see our own and to grow from the experiences. It really is a win-win situation.

To my point, the win-win situation of healing is what I want to talk about with regard to 2012 and the alleged catastrophic changes the planet will undergo and what my guides have likened the shift that’s to occur in 2012. Yes, you got it, shift, or release energy.

And how does the Earth release energy? You got it – Volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, floods, tidal waves, shifting her orientation and perspective (the poles), and being affected by outside influences.

Imagine a woman came to you, with illness all over her body, in random patches. Different parts of her organs were also damaged and she was starting to flip out over her condition, taking control of her health and deciding that she needs to get rid of this dis-ease, and dis-comfort and heal all of these things that are hurting her or remove them altogether.

So, she, lets call her Gaia, gets on the proverbial table and the healer starts working on her and she starts to shift. And shift big. She’s coughing, and throwing up, and she’s shaking like the dickens, and she’s crying, and she’s passing air, and she’s doing all of those things that people do to release energy and heal themselves.

Now, let’s change your perspective a bit. Who is Gaia really? She’s the earth. Try on the thought, if you don’t already believe this, that the Earth, Gaia, is a living entity, and she can be hurt just as your friends and family and other loved ones can be.

So, if we work with the perspective that Gaia is Earth . . . how do you suppose Gaia’s shifts will manifest?

You got it, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, moving her centre of gravity, etc . . .

2012 is going to happen. What will it be?  Nobody really knows.  But, the question is now, what can we do about it? How can we mitigate this event? What can we, as connectors between heaven and earth, as sources of divine light and of healing, as people who have hearts and care about how we live, do?

We help heal Gaia before her shifts get too big or too out of control that she can’t function and that the whole works collapses, that we all die.

And how do we do that? I’ll tell you next time.

Love and light,



Please be aware that all opinions stated in here are my own. MY OWN. They are based on my experiences and my beliefs. I’ve mentioned some other tools and made references to other things that I have found worked for me, as a healer, in my personal healing journey and in guiding my clients in their healing process as well.

So, if I’ve described something that you don’t agree with, or feel differently about – good – we should all hear different opinions and ideas so we can open up our reality and our vision and see more of what’s out there. Send me a comment about it.  EMail is wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.

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Hello world!

Hi all.

As a beginner blogger, I am just going to throw some things out about this site. 

First off – I named myself Compass Rose Energy Works a few years ago  I still really like that and I mistakenly started a blog named that but I’m not sure how I’ll go forward with it because it’s a big fingerful when you’re typing.

Wyld Vynes is what I call my design line for jewelry (pendulums and mobiles most recently, but also rings, pendants and earrings) but will also be creating bags (totes, messenger bags, etc).  So, Compass Rose Energy Works is a big mouthful but we’ll see where we go with that.

I don’t think this will be the final site for all my work.  I intend to set up a site for my healing information and reference and for my channelling work as well.  Maybe this one will be for my personal growth – who knows.   The reason I want separation between the 2 sites is for my readers’ sake – they can choose what they want to read and where they want to read it.

I am getting lots of new information every day and working on my own healing everyday as well.  As such, I am now ready to make some public statements.

I am taking new healing clients.  The nature of my healing talents lie in moving blockages for people.  Blockages come in the form of limiting beliefs, fears, habits and other assorted symptoms of fear and other things that keep us from being our true selves.  Having worked hard to get to this point, and in continuing to work on clearning my own blocks, I know how difficult, frustrating and downright painful this process can be.  So, if you want to get YOUR stuff moved out, be prepared, I have lots of experience moving. (I’ll write more about the thoeries of moving, too, as I’ve experienced it.)

As for the channelling, I am always open to new clients.  I get messages when I do healing work but when I do readings, I start with the messages and the healing comes from those.  I do healing during the readings too sometimes so either way, you will benefit from the process. 

A very good friend of mine brought me some questions one day, some BIG questions – like about 2012, and the nature of reality on earty, and I”ve channelled some info on those types of things and plan to post the information I get from that. So thanks to her, for making me start looking at the bigger picture.

The other thing I want to introduce on both of those sites is information about 2012.  More to come on that when I get the sites up and running. 

Well, that’s all I’m going to post for now.  I’ll focus on getting the other sites up and running by the end of the weekend because . . .

The time is now . ..

love and light,


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