Spring Clearing

Now, Spring Clearing (or cleaning) is not a new thing, is it? It’s something that we get the urge to do when the days get longer, and the air gets warmer, and when there is that nice breeze going so you can air out your house and get all that stale winter air out of there.
But it’s also about clearing out your own “stuff” too, the stuff that no longer serves you: old habits, old beliefs, old anger, old attachments, etc.

I hadn’t really thought about it other than in terms of rotating some of my clothes and getting my capris cleaned up so I could start to wear them to work (I love capris – I would love to live in a place where I could wear them all year round). But as I was boasting to my roommate yesterday, that although I hadn’t left the house, neither had I spent my whole day sitting on the couch reading, but had been going through my closet trying to clear it out a bit and put away a bunch of stuff that I’ve been setting aside to deal with, she popped out with – it’s spring cleaning time, Jenn – and not just for clothing!(yes, she’s a healer and intuitive too).

So, here I am. And what makes a good spring clearing?

Well, first of all, set the intent that you are going to move out those things that no longer serve you, whether it’s old clothing, flannel sheets, old magazines or papers, or old beliefs and attachments.

Next, set yourself up to clear things out completely so that you aren’t just moving stuff around. For example, set up your recycling and garbage bins, set up a give-away box, and start putting things in those bins first. Once they are full, put them outside, or into bags, or into the car for takeaway as soon as possible.

How do you determine what is to be disposed of?
Well, does it still serve you? Or, do you still love it, or love it now? If not, get rid of it.
For example: Does the belief that you need triplicate of your paperwork really serve you or can you put some things onto your computer? Does the belief that you have to eat dinner in order to get dessert still serve you? Do you still need 12 sets of sheets? Does spending every Wednesday night listening to all your girlfriends complain about their jobs really still work for you? Do all those negative thoughts that keep running through your head still really support your growth? Are those expectations you have of that person really reasonable or are they something you need to re-evaluate? How much energy are you wasting doing something you don’t want to do (including work)?

If it’s something you need, is there a proper place for it (i.e. filing or laundry)? Can you pack something away? Do you really need it if it needs to be packed away?
Shouldn’t something you really need be something you use on a regular basis? (And no,we’re not talking taxes here – you need 7 years worth of that stuff hanging around – or at least accessible). So, not counting taxes, if it’s a belief system, shouldn’t it be a belief that works for you on a regular basis as opposed to only once a year or for something that happened years ago that someone else defined for you?

Sometimes you may not be ready to let go of something, and that’s ok, but if you’re holding on to something out of habit rather than out of care or respect for YOURSELF, maybe it’s time to take a look at it, or at least put it on the agenda for review. This may also be a good time to find a neutral party to help you sort through that old stuff and send it on its way, someone like a healer, or reader, if you’d rather, to help pinpoint those things you need to look at.

Overall though, even clearing out your closet releases energy and gives you more energy in your living space, both exterior and interior, so whatever you decide to clean out, or keep, remember, do you really need it? They (who is that anyway??) always say, you need to make room in order to receive more.

And with all that’s going on in the bigger picture right now, with the economy and the feeling on everyone’s part that something needs to change, this is a good time to focus on what parts of your life still work for you, and what parts don’t anymore.

And, while you’re doing your clearing, how about moving out that little thing your Auntie Em gave you way back when that you never use . . . I’m sure someone could use it . . . somewhere . . . 🙂

So, happy spring clearing!

With Love and Light,

Qs or Cs? Email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca


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Monday, April 13

Well, as usual, I had a topic but forgot about it. Oh, well, I’m sure we’ll get something out of this one.
Hope everyone had a good Easter – I know mine was busy cooking and getting lots of things done so I didn’t get as much downtime as I would have liked. Oh, well. But this does remind me of a topic . . .

Last week was the full moon (9th) and of course, Easter. Easter, no matter your religion or beliefs, is about rising – a new rising, as something greater than before. When there is that much energy surrounding an event, it does spill out and create it’s own history, without even the people attached – or so I believe. It’s like a tidal wave, I guess. Also, like a self-fulfilling prophecy – the more you try not to think about something, the more it comes to you; or the more people believe in something, the more likely it is to happen.

Anyway, I was talking to a few people last week and was noticing how fast things were moving around in my own schedule. And what was interesting was that almost everyone I spoke to talked about something changing – something big changing, and shifting. Whether it was moving homes, breaking up, getting ready to start another job, moving to be more dedicated to looking after themselves, etc. Everyone was talking about it. I felt it too – aside from some job opportunities that came up (not followed through yet on everything), I could feel a balance beginning – like something settling into place (the image I had was of a pendulum coming back and settling at center). Balance is always something I’ve had to work for – and now that I’ve been doing lots of healing on myself, I’m beginning to feel, and see, that I have it.

On top of the Full Moon, and the Rising (the Phoenix), the new starts, there is 2009 – as the astrologers will say – something about Capricorn and moving forward (I don’t know for sure – you’ll have to talk to an astrologist) but as much as the moves have started – finding meaning in one’s life, and making time for more significant things, people are continuing to grow and expand their awareness and it’s very exciting to see.

So, my advice to you is, if you’re shifting, and you are changing, and you’re not sure what’s going on, take some quiet time, do some slow deep breathing with some nice music in a comfortable position, connect to your Higher Self (your soul, without the human condition attached) and ask what is going on. Is it in your best interests, even though it’s scary as all hell? Yes, it is. So, take a deep breath, and hold on for the ride. Trust that you’ve set up your life for yourself the way it will best serve you to learn those lessons and grow. And if you’re blocking – find a healer, or ask for healing from your guides and angels, and ask them to move out any blockages, quickly, smoothly, and most of all, gently. They will help. You are never alone, so ask them to show you they are with you, too; be patient with that though – it takes time to see differently.

You will get through this, just as we all will.

With love and light,

Qs or Cs? Email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca

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This Too Shall Pass

Well, the time has certainly passed, since I wrote last, that is. My plan now is to post once a week, with new postings appearing on Mondays but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully, my commitment won’t pass again. Well, who am I kidding? It will, but it will have to be discipline that makes me keep writing (somethign I’m very bad at . . ., discipline, that is, not the writing) but, to wit . ..

So, this too shall pass. Another favourite saying form the old curmudgeon I world with but also a favourite of my mother’s and now of mine because, well, frankly, it’s true. i think they call those truisms as opposed to old wives’ tales. Maybe??

Anyway, as for what has passed, it mostly has to do with what I was discussing the last time: the despair, the doubt, the dark night,. Not sure how but I’m pretty sure the first of the final passing was actually the writing. The doing of what it is I do believe in, even though at that time, I still wasn’t sure what the point was of writing or doing my work, even though I knew that when I started that it was appropriate and a good thing.

So, all things do pass, whether it is time, doubt, fear, anger, and I suppose the positive stuff passes too but isn’t that what we want to end up with? Not passing the positive stuff but keeping that as the foundation of what we do? The foundation of who we are?

We all start with that foundation of positive intent and goodwill in any endeavour really, don’t we? Whether it’s starting a business, going to school, starting a new job, starting dinner, orthe the house cleaning? We set the intent for a positive outcome. Look at love. Most of us will go anywhere for something that good and we, as a race, are never struck down, we always keep striving for more, to be more, to grow, to be free. And let’s face it – we’re like cockroaches – we always survive, as a race, if not individuals, I guess.

So, how does this positive stuff pass? Well, does it ever really pass? Or does it just get run over, like speed bump, or the tarmac itself, as the dark night flows in over top of it? Just because you can’t see it, does that mean it’s really gone? (tree falling, anyone?)

No, i don’t think so. I think that we function on a foundation of hope for something better, always.  I think the positive stays with us, no matter what other layers may get dumped on top of it. I mean, think about it, it’s pretty positive and optimistic to even come down here and take the gamble as souls coming out of “heaven” (or at least a better place) that there will be good stuff along with the bad, and that for the most part, people will continue to get through the bad, with the hope of good times prevailing.

so, the baseline is always hope, which is light.  It’s when we lose hope or it gets misplaced or run over by our beliefs, our fears, maybe the economy, or maybe other events, that the dark night comes, that the dark seems to take over.  And this IS where gratitude makes a HUGE difference because no matter how dark it is, there is light somewhere, otherwise, how would you know the difference.  One defines the other.

So, this too shall pass, the crap shall pass and the light and the fun will pop up again – kinda like those punching bags with the weights at the bottom that just come back up after you hit them. Or, like those dandelions are going to pop up no matter how much you try and run them over with lawnmower . . .

Oh, and welcome to Spring!

With love and light,


Question, comments: Please email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.

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Begin as you mean to go on

Well, not sure how much of that I did.

When I was in university, I worked at an Air Cadet Gliding School camp in the summers, doing various jobs, depending on the year. Some, I did flight instruction; one year I was an admin assistant and my final year I was the Chief Ground School Instructor (CGI) (I got to manage the classroom part of the program).

But it’s the year that I was an admin assistant that this phrase comes from. There were a couple of others too. The CGI that year was an older gentleman who had been running the ground school for years and I was helping him. Some would say a curmudgeon he was, honestly, I can’t even remember his name, but he was ok, if you were on his good side. His bark was bad but his bite was only bad if you really pissed him off. Luckily, I didn’t. Ah, those were the days – I was a golden child and could do almost no wrong. haha. That didn’t last too long.

Anyway, “Begin as you mean to go on” was one of his favourite sayings. And it’s all about the procrastinating thing that I’ve been up to. Well, to be honest, I haven’t really been procrastinating so much as avoiding exposing myself to the world. When I started this blog, part of the intent was to chronicle my journey and my growth experiences and it’s against anyone’s nature to expose one’s softer inner tender bits to the world. Hence the Great Pause.

My mother often said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” and to be honest, I’ve had some trouble saying nice things the last little while, nice things to myself, but also in offering positive feedback on my misery to you, my readers. But, as I write here thinking about it, although I’m pretty much out of the rut, I realize that connecting is one of the ways to get out of the rut. There are other ways to get out of that rut too.

That dark rut, the Dark Night of the Soul, as one of my mentors calls it, is a haven too. When all of that nasty negative fear and loathing starts, it’s safe to just hide, and there is certainly a part of you that does not want to expose that to the air, let alone the light. I like to hide because I am miserable, as my roommate will attest to. I’m depressed, desperate, confused, let’s not forget, angry, and, often, whiny. Why me? Actually I don’t ask that anymore but I certainly ask – what am I doing nor not doing? What the h*** is going on? Why is this not happening? And of course, the answer is always, there is a reason, you just have to figure it out. Oh, and be patient. ARRRGH!!

Well, sometimes that is just waaaaayyy too much work – to figure it out. It’s hard to figure out how to get out of bed unless you really have to, let alone figure out what you need to do. It’s hard to be objective about your own fear, when you’re in it. When you’re not in it, well, really it’s not hard to see, the fear, that is. But how do you get out of those dark times?

Connecting is one way. Call your friends, go out, let them know you need them to remind you that life is fun, and not just about whatever it is you’re obsessing about. And from my own experience, make sure you go out with more than just your healer/work friends. I have one friend whom I just love. She has a wonderful sense of sarcasm and wit and insight into people that we spend much of our time sniping at each other (we can certainly get each other’s goats) but I always seem to get the biggest kick out of her. She has my sense of humour too and gets my jokes. But I laugh when I’m with her. When I’m with my healing friends, I seem to spend more time crying, because everyone cares so much that sometimes it’s overwhelming. Laughing with one who loves you is even better than crying. I’m really good at crying so I prefer to practice my laughing.

Another way is through sincere gratitude. I remember lying in bed one night, excited because I was looking for interesting jobs (and this is in the last 6 weeks) and thinking that I would write a thank you note to my last boss, who is a great person, to let him know what I was up to. He’d been very supportive of me when I left his company, and I wanted to express my gratitude for his faith and support and something hugely shifted for me. I’ve been in a bit of a financial pickle lately, not having worked in now almost 4 months, and I’ve had some wonderful friends helping me out too, especially my roommate who keeps me in healthy food. So, while in the dark, I’m lamenting because I can’t buy my own food, or pay my own bills with my own money, rather than focusing on the show of love and support around me – I’m focusing on that too though, and I thank my friends regularly, but that simple shift of perspective to gratitude can change your perspective on many things and turn your thinking around and start shining that light into the rut so you can find your way out.

Surrender helps too sometimes, surrender to the dark and falling into the pit because otherwise you could be standing on the edge for a while just prolonging the inevitable. But it also means surrendering to Source, to your pathway, to your future, to your true light.

What else? Another favourite saying of the old curmudgeon was “Ask and ye shall receive”. And you have to ask! Angels and guides will not interfere unless you ask for help. And it’s not just asking for help from above but also asking help from your friends or of certain people.

I have a wonderfully talented friend who is a voice channel as well. I knew she wasn’t too sure where she wanted to go with it and I didn’t want to bother her with my desperate pleadings for help (verbal or not). However, I did take advantage of the fact that she called my roommate to contact her (we’re close so calling one of us often means calling both of us). So, I talked to her to see if she’d be interested in a trade of services sort of arrangement. I wanted a mentor to help me with my readings and my voicing, and she wants one to help her with her healing path. So, now we have a deal. She also let me ask all sorts of questions of her the other day which was great because it did answer some things for me in terms of my healing work and she confirmed some other things for me as well, also wonderful.

So, that certainly has helped get me out of this rut that I’ve been in but I was thinking the last couple of days that it’s not so much the “Dark Night of the Soul” that I’ve been in than in a transition. The dark night is sometimes made up of moments but I think that that whole process is a reflection of transition. Change is always hard for oneself. It is certainly easier to point other people’s paths, etc, but when it’s your own, it’s hard to remember that you are worth the effort to get the h*** out of that rut and get going.

I am in transition. This week, I’ve started manifesting more work for me in terms of healing and readings, and I’m beginning to see that this may be the way for me to go, but I’m still holding on to the fantasy of the perfect part time job so I can have a regular income. I still am having challenges manifesting any kind of traditional work so I’m just going to focus on doing the best I can at whatever I’m doing at the time. Is the final answer?

There is no final answer, just the journey of one step in front of the other. And the joy that you can find along the way, the beautiful flowers that are by the pathway that you’re on that are always there provided you look up and around where you are at while you’re trudging through whatever rut you may be in at the time to get to the next light.

Does the rut, the dark, go away? No. But the joy of emerging is greater every time so it is worth the journey. I am worth the journey, and you are worth the journey. For me, I’m taking the dark as an opportunity to teach about it from now on and hopefully this will provide hope to others who are going through these periods of challenge.

And sometimes, it just takes a good swift kick in the butt.

So, thank you to all of you who have been supporting me to date and whom I know, will continue to support me in my journey. My blessing and my gratitude go out to you. And if you’re in a rut, remember, this too shall pass.

With love and light,

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Hi all,
I’ll be posting on Thursday. I’m debating right now to go back to once a week – we’ll see how that goes down.
HAve a great week!
With love and light,

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Safety Girl Moves Forward

I wanted to continue a bit with my last posting (Fearless Inventory reveals Safety Girl, Feb 16/09) about security, safety (that’s me, the Safety Girl), and boundaries and letting go of those boundaries because i had a rather interesting experience this week.

I started working part time at a shop last week (the place I was thinking was my dream job – and it may be but not quite yet) where I’m doing readings. I had planned to go in yesterday because I had left my lunch there (it had my banana cake in it, with cream cheese icing, and no way was I leaving it there to go bad, fridge or no fridge) and had wanted to pick it up. I had originally planned on going today (Wed) but my day yesterday ended up being only a half day of work so I was off in the afternoon.

After trudging my way to the bus stop in Kensington, from downtown (and it was trudging, let me tell you), finally making it home (I missed the bus by a minute), eating the lunch I’d made to eat at the office (mmm, chickpea salad) and reading a good book, I headed to bed for a nap (still trudging here), thinking, it’s ok, I’ll go tomorrow to the shop. I read for about 25 minutes and it came in to my head, that I really needed to go to the shop as soon as possible.

So, I jumped up, threw on some nicer clothes (I’d changed from work when I’d gotten home) and headed out, road raging all the way because all of the sudden I needed to get somewhere in a hurry and everyone in front of me was driving slow. Thank goodness, no accidents and no tickets; I guess the gods, and apparently, my grandmother, were looking out for me. So, finally made it to the shop. Lunch was still intact and the shop owner and one of the other ladies that works there were talking about someone who was coming to do some work.

Ok. Who believes in kismet? Coincidence? Things happening for a reason? This lady (we’ll call her CC for now, as I don’t have her permission yet to mention her name), CC, had called in as she was looking to join the shop and make her services in Belief Re-Patterning (TM, developed by Suze Casey, MEd) available to the public. She had called earlier that morning or something to make a “test” appointment (she was to do a test run, sort an interview, for the owner, to see how she would best fit in) then had called back a bit later to move the appointment back to 3 pm.

Lo, and behold, here I come walking in, at about 2:45pm, saying I had to be here today, and what’s going on? the owner didn’t really want to sit that day for the exercise, wasn’t feeling up to it or something and so she decided that I should take the appointment. So, there I was when CC walked in; we got settled and started our session. We sat in chairs facing each other, she with her hand on my knee.

The basic principle behind the Belief Re-patterning (TM) is to release beliefs that no longer serve us or that limit us in some way (you can read more about it on the website – see the end of the post for that). There are lots of limiting beliefs – I’ve talked about some of those here: beliefs about boundaries and safety, for example. I do some belief release work in my healing practice as well so was curious about this different process.

it uses muscle testing to determine what beliefs, emotions, etc need to be addressed. We started with my arm and it was not cooperating at all (wouldn’t really give us a straight answer) so we switched to using my hand, which did give us clear answers.

We started with OUTRAGE, and moved our way through several steps, quite rapidly, to the point where I was stating that I am collected and peaceful in all situations in my life. We passed through forgiving myself for believing that others know my truth better than me (those parents!!) and through choosing, freedom, and a few other steps that while seemingly rapid, were quite profound. At different points I was breathing pretty heavy to clear what was sticking in my chest, crying, speechless because I couldn’t say the words that I needed to say to go through the “point” in the process, and near the end, holding myself straight in my chair, still breathing heavy, out of sheer pride, because I wanted to throw myself onto the ground and wail with fear and pain at the feelings that were coming through and at how difficult it was to break the belief and build new ones. I was also dizzy through a large part of the second half.

I’ve seen all of these things in my own healing practice and have experienced variations of them in my own release process through other healing modalities (EFT, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, NLP, shamanist healing, etc). However, in my sessions, other than EFT, which I had only ever done on my own, it usually took about an hour to 2 hours, sometimes longer, to get to the end point, or the closing point for the session. I have always experienced a shift, in every session, some faster than others, but rarely I think, in such a far reaching manner.

My session with CC took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I am blown away, still, now, as I write about it. I could see the ramifications of what we were doing touching, literally, on all of the stuff I had been working on the last couple of weeks, about boundaries, about safety, about moving forward, on things that I had been struggling with my whole life. 20 bloody minutes.

Only 1 other time can I remember the clarity that I had in this session and that came after someone, who had a great deal of negative influence in my life, died. I had this person in my life for my entire life, and by the end of the weekend (I heard on Friday of the death), I had such clarity and could see how that person had affected me in everything in my life, and it was such a profound relief to me that they had passed that I was almost a completely different person come Monday. It was pretty amazing. This was similar and in only 20 minutes.

is everyone going to have this kind of shift? Well, I hope so. However, as with all healing work, sometimes the shift will be subtle, and other times, big, and other times physically demanding, and other times, a happy experience. Each person, believe me, will get what they need out of each session they go to provided they go with the intent to shift and move things and let go of stuff.

When I talk about doing the fearless inventory, of looking at your stuff, the outcome, ideally, is this kind of clarity. It won’t always be that way but if you are persistent in working to resolve your stuff, you will have these moments. And believe me, they are worth it.
I can easily say that I am grateful for my earlier experiences, however difficult they were, so that I could have such clarity and grace now, when I see the light, and have experienced the release.

So, now I have a new weapon in my arsenal, against my stuff. I recommend it but not everyone will want it that way. Some will want to get on a table and go that route – go in whatever route calls to you. There are many options out there.

Be at peace, and may you have clarity,
With love and light,

Info: Belief Re-patterning (TM) website: http://www.beliefrepatterning.com
Check it out, read up on it. If you want to see the practitioner I did, send me an email (below) and I’ll get her full info for you. She is a practitioner, and I believe she is listed on the website, but let me know as I’ll get confirmed information.

The shop I work at is called Angels, Guides, & Spirits, 403-264-3576 in Calgary.

Questions or Comments: Please email me at wyldvyne@yahoo.ca

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Fearless Inventory reveals Safety Girl

Have you ever heard the term “fearless inventory”? And no, I’m not talking about counting all those dust and cobweb-covered (ooh, the spiders!) cans in the back corner. It’s a term that has floated around for a while with different programs out there and it’s really both interesting and not a little unsettling.

As I recall, taking a “fearless inventory” means looking at all of your “stuff”, both your light “stuff” and your dark “stuff” (but mostly your dark “stuff”) without blinders on, without fooling yourself about it but also without judging yourself for it. It means looking at all that stuff and either fixing it or making reparations for it, then accepting it and making the effort and the commitment to not do it again and to move on and learn from it. It’s unsettling because it means admitting to yourself and sometimes others that you were wrong in your behaviour, in your belief and maybe even your boundaries. It may also mean looking at other events that occurred in your life that are painful and confusing and in looking at the boundaries that arose from those events. So, unsettling could be putting it mildly.

Taking this inventory, maybe not entirely, but certainly regarding some of my behaviours that I have been recently wallowing in, is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been looking at them (my behaviours and habits) and looking at what I can do to make reparation for them and in the effort, grow as a person. This also has the added benefit of working towards making myself a clearer vessel both to channel energy for healing and readings but also to channel more positive things for myself (like a regular income) and to others. And i can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I can see changes in my behaviour and how things affect me but growth is an ever upward-spiraling event so we address different aspects of the same things over and over again, clearing our vibrational levels as we go through each experience again, and again. So, there is growth and change and it is sometimes faster than other times but it does happen even if we can’t seem to see movement – so again, back to unsettling, and so it should be. But there is growth and while you may not always be able to see it, others will and eventually you’ll feel the difference inside you when you make a decision about something and it’s a different decision that what you would have done before. This is redefining your boundaries and it comes from taking this “fearless inventory”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to talk about boundaries but sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out your own and to figure out when you need to set some and release others.

The stuff that I have been most recently trying to figure out is about why I’m so territorial, why other peoples’ noise bothers me so much, why the little things get to me, why I remember almost every slight ever done to me and why people on this earth are here to torment me (only slightly egocentric), or more specifically, what lesson is it that I am to learn from these experiences? As a “cancer” in the astrological show, my tendencies include being oversensitive and living in the past. So, we’re back to overcoming my nature and I’ve been trying to look at it objectively, being honest about it but not beating myself up about it (tapping (EFT) has been helping a lot here).

And I think I’ve figured it out, finally. At least, for me.

Those things, territoriality, annoyed by little things, they are about safety. It’s about having boundaries in a physical way (rules) when you don’t trust that you have the strength, or more likely, courage, to address those boundary issues at the time they actually arise. And in the past, I was not able to address some boundary issues so I suppose it makes sense. I was too shy, too embarrassed, too ashamed, etc, to speak to anyone about things or as I got older, but not necessarily calmer, I was too abrupt and rude about it because I was scared silly of saying anything at all so when I finally got the guts to say anything, I was so angry about it that I was out of control. And those rules seem to be pretty important to me. However, I’m trying to overcome those tendencies. Sometimes those rules can get pretty specific (kind of like French Grammar – like this but only for 3 things, and the rest of the time it’s like this) and are sometimes pretty random, as my roommate will certainly attest to.

But the other thought that comes with this business about boundaries and safety is that if we are working to live a more authentic life, to live more in tune with the Higher Self, more in tune with that part of us not affected by the human condition, then shouldn’t we be letting go of those things? Shouldn’t we be letting go of that need for safety? When it boils down to it, does the soul actually need safety? Does the soul really need boundaries?

I don’t think it does. I think the soul is perfectly safe, despite dire threats to the contrary by so many groups out there. Granted, it is bound to the human body (no offense to non-humans here) but I don’t think it needs the extra boundaries. It’s the human ego and the human condition that needs them. The soul just needs to remember what it is.

Supposedly, the lives we live here are ones of learning, of illusion, as some put it, and not of actual “reality” (let’s not get to existential right now). The reality is that the soul is completely connected to Source, and is a piece of the Divine, of Source and safety is a human condition construct, just as is our experience here, on this earth. So, as part of Source, can the soul be damaged? Can Source be damaged?

In the bigger picture, no, I don’t think Source can be damaged. Can you hurt God? Can you hurt the Universal Energy, the Universal Love, that only loves and accepts unconditionally?

Are boundaries necessary, though? As humans, oh, yes, I think so. It’s kind of a mixed bag though, isn’t it? On one hand, do we need to have boundaries if we are all a part of Source, but we are taught, and I think rightly so, that boundaries are necessary for self-respect, and other things. But are those boundaries actually helping us to get clearer? To get closer to the Divine? In deciding to say no to something we don’t want to do, then that really is a step towards the Divine because we are trying to be happier and more at peace, the path to becoming more compassionate, and more of a divine vessel for light and love.

So, in setting boundaries, we set ourselves up to either be happy, or to be miserable and safe. I suppose the trick is to know the difference. And now we’re back to safety. Sometimes, I guess, since there is no way around having experiences where all of our boundaries may be tested, then we have to set the intent for ourselves that we set the boundaries that are the best for us and then hope for the best. And well, I suppose the truth is that the best is what each of us will get anyway, no matter how we go forward or what decisions we make – they are all the right choices.

I do work under the assumption that reality, as defined by books (I don’t know physics here, so I’m going with the simple definitions), is what you make of it. That each of us is a part of a larger piece and that piece, the soul, as we call it, chooses the life it wants to lead before it comes to this plane of existence, to Earth. And, as neutral beings of love (Universal Love Source Energy), then all manner of lifestyle and choice is a choice of love, a choice made without fear, without boundaries, for the experience. The boundaries come after we get here. So, in growth, we need to re-evaluate those boundaries on a regular basis and expand our definition of safety, or narrow it, depending on your outlook.

With Love and Light,

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