About Me

My name is Jenn, short for Jennifer (into which I am growning). I’m 39 + and still trying to figure it all out so, life is an adventure.
I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, am single, with family back east. I have a roommate who is a great support and am blessed with great friends who will tell me when, as someone put it, I start believing my own bs.

I’ve played the roles of child, aunt, musician, pilot, instructor, teacher, student, scheduler, writer, and paper pusher, but am at heart and soul, a healer. I currently do my healing work in the guise of healing sessions, voice channeled readings, clearing energy in the earth and in areas on the earth, in coaching and in helping people improve their personal vibration and develop their intuition in order to improve their connection to their Higher Self, to Source and to Gaia.

And, I want to save the world, literally. It’s just a small goal, but all of the above helps to do that.

Enjoy the ride, I’m certainly going to!

With Love and Light,

PS if you want to send an email, you can do so to wyldvynes@gmail.com.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Jane

    This looks like a great blog. I will check it from time to time for your thoughts. You are doing powerful work.

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