This Too Shall Pass

Well, the time has certainly passed, since I wrote last, that is. My plan now is to post once a week, with new postings appearing on Mondays but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully, my commitment won’t pass again. Well, who am I kidding? It will, but it will have to be discipline that makes me keep writing (somethign I’m very bad at . . ., discipline, that is, not the writing) but, to wit . ..

So, this too shall pass. Another favourite saying form the old curmudgeon I world with but also a favourite of my mother’s and now of mine because, well, frankly, it’s true. i think they call those truisms as opposed to old wives’ tales. Maybe??

Anyway, as for what has passed, it mostly has to do with what I was discussing the last time: the despair, the doubt, the dark night,. Not sure how but I’m pretty sure the first of the final passing was actually the writing. The doing of what it is I do believe in, even though at that time, I still wasn’t sure what the point was of writing or doing my work, even though I knew that when I started that it was appropriate and a good thing.

So, all things do pass, whether it is time, doubt, fear, anger, and I suppose the positive stuff passes too but isn’t that what we want to end up with? Not passing the positive stuff but keeping that as the foundation of what we do? The foundation of who we are?

We all start with that foundation of positive intent and goodwill in any endeavour really, don’t we? Whether it’s starting a business, going to school, starting a new job, starting dinner, orthe the house cleaning? We set the intent for a positive outcome. Look at love. Most of us will go anywhere for something that good and we, as a race, are never struck down, we always keep striving for more, to be more, to grow, to be free. And let’s face it – we’re like cockroaches – we always survive, as a race, if not individuals, I guess.

So, how does this positive stuff pass? Well, does it ever really pass? Or does it just get run over, like speed bump, or the tarmac itself, as the dark night flows in over top of it? Just because you can’t see it, does that mean it’s really gone? (tree falling, anyone?)

No, i don’t think so. I think that we function on a foundation of hope for something better, always.  I think the positive stays with us, no matter what other layers may get dumped on top of it. I mean, think about it, it’s pretty positive and optimistic to even come down here and take the gamble as souls coming out of “heaven” (or at least a better place) that there will be good stuff along with the bad, and that for the most part, people will continue to get through the bad, with the hope of good times prevailing.

so, the baseline is always hope, which is light.  It’s when we lose hope or it gets misplaced or run over by our beliefs, our fears, maybe the economy, or maybe other events, that the dark night comes, that the dark seems to take over.  And this IS where gratitude makes a HUGE difference because no matter how dark it is, there is light somewhere, otherwise, how would you know the difference.  One defines the other.

So, this too shall pass, the crap shall pass and the light and the fun will pop up again – kinda like those punching bags with the weights at the bottom that just come back up after you hit them. Or, like those dandelions are going to pop up no matter how much you try and run them over with lawnmower . . .

Oh, and welcome to Spring!

With love and light,


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