The Wyld Vynes’ Guide to Manifestation

Hi all. It’s been an interesting week and it’s not even over yet!

As some of you may know, I have started applying for regular-type jobs. Office work or Customer Service where I can interact directly with the public and get that rush that always comes when you do that.

I still have one application outstanding – haven’t heard back yet about it (which is good – no news is good news as they say) but the other 3 have been turned down. One of them (we’ll call it Job A) I had thrown a great deal of energy into manifesting it for myself and was sure that I had felt that click that sometimes happens when you know you’ve hooked in what you aiming for.

Now, along with this there were a couple of negative thoughts (i.e. I really don’t want a full time job, or I don’t really want to have to get a job, maybe I’m overqualified, the money won’t be a lot, etc) but the postive, I think, much outweighed the negative. Since they say a positive thought has as much energy as a negative thought, then the outweighing of greater positive should surely have outweighed the minor negative, yes?

Question 1 : Can a single stray negative thought really blow everything out of the water?

Answer 1: Probably not, but this leads us to Question 2:

Is there such a thing as a single, stray negative thought about any single thing?

Answer 2: Urban Myth, anyone? Yes, my cynicism has reared its ugly head but I’m trying to figure it out too. Truly, it is unlikley. There are so many things floating through our heads, after years of life, and experience and believing what others say that it’s unlikely there is only a single negative thought pattern for any given topic.

That’s not to say that it can’t be overcome though; I have hope for myself, as I try to work at being more positive (it really is uplifting), and I have hope for you too. And there are all those people out there working to live a positive life.

Aside from the negative thought aspect, I’m thinking that maybe there’s a waiting line here too. I have been working to manifest a really cool job for the last little while; it is part time, pays me well, it’s flexible with a great working environment that is easy for me to get to (maybe it’s an online job …), it has great people working at it and it will let me use my creative skills and maybe even my healing and intution abilities a bit too. Ok, so maybe it sounds unlikely but if you can think it, you can make it happen, right? This is the power of positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, that little thing we call manifestation. And, actually, now that I think about it, I think I may have found that perfect job but I’ll have to think about it a bit more (well, maybe meditation would be a better idea).

But, to get back to the point, I’ve been putting out that I wanted this really cool job, but have also been manifesting (putting lots of positive energy into manifesting) a large sum of cash so I can not have to worry about the mundanities of life, like paying rent and putting gas in the car (yes, I have a car, I love my Lurch and I am far from perfect). In fact, I’m pretty sure I won that 43 million dollar 6/49 jackpot last month; unfortunately, I think it was in a different dimension. Maybe the one that’s attached by vortex to my butt. . . (long story)

So, maybe because I’ve been consistent in putting energy into those 2 things FIRST, before Job A even came along, then those things are what will manifest first. Maybe I’ll get Job A (or something like it) in 6 months or something. There’s still one more traditional job that I can experiment with so I’ll have to give that a shot.

Question 3: Is there a first come, first serve priority list when it comes to manifesting things?

Answer 3: Well, makes sense to me. Maybe . . . but I’m thinking it has more to do with how much positive energy you put into 1 or the other thing. Maybe because I’ve been focusing on the cool job and the cash for longer, the accumulative energy built up behind those things overcame that of the energy and intent put towards Job A.

Do I have any clue what I’m talking about? Well, maybe, maybe not. I’ve done some reading and listened to the Hicks/Abraham works and I do know that I can manifest things, if I really want them. I think I was better at it when I was a kid but I’m trying to clear out the programming and get to the positive stuff and work with that more.

And the positive thought thing really does work – I’ve even experienced it, it’s very uplifting, but more often that not it’s rather fleeting for most of us and all it takes is one little negative thing to happen to bring us down. In addition, I have the gift of being pragmatic and of seeing both sides of an issue so sometimes I get caught up in the details, like how will it happen and when, and of course, who may have issues with it.

This leads us to what seems to be Sure Thing 1:

After spending all that time and energy to manifest something, you then have to let it go. You need to release control of it by leaving open the details of how it happens, when it happens or what the actual details of it are. It’s called letting go of outcome, Huh.

Sounds contradictory doesn’t it? Yeah, it does. Don’t kid yourself. But if you work with the assumption (yes, the assumption) or if you’d rather, premise, that the Universe works to provide you with not only what you want (manifest) but the method of its development that is in your highest good, then you have to trust the Universe (and yourself) that it will provide the item, the opportunity, the doorway, to what you really want in the manner that is most suitable for you.

Yeah, that’s a tough one too. But I like being positive, I feel better and things don’t knock me down so quickly and I can stay in my happy place (as my friend puts it) for a longer period of time. Faith is a very powerful thing and can get you through a lot, and yes, I’ve been there, am there and will always work to be there.

And time? Well, time is fluid, isn’t it, and only humans in this world, work with our time system. The Universe has a much different time framework (i.e. now or not now). Remember, trying to be positive here!!

So, I am working to be more postive, in not letting myself get caught up in the details, and in having faith that I can manifest what I want and need and that the Universe will provide it in the way and the time that is best for me. It’s hard but the end result certainly seems to be worth it.

Now, where is that lottery ticket?

With love and light,


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One response to “The Wyld Vynes’ Guide to Manifestation

  1. Janine

    I have always viewed manifesting anything as how congruent are you really with that thought/idea/belief to receive. If you are completely decided, congruent and there regarding your want then you get it. You may have to work for it and pay attention to the signals in the universe that your want is available but you will receive it. I have gotten things that I truly wanted because I was 100% congruent that that was what I wanted. Otherwise.. you get what is in your heart not your head. That is the tough part about manifestation. Making sure you are not lying to yourself about what you truly want. I am great at denial to myself.. lol Even when I want the truth I am scared of it.
    Thank you for posting regularly as I look forward to reading your blog. Best of luck manifesting your job.

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