Ok, so I’m playing hookey. I was to have posted last night for your reading pleasure and thinkingness today but played hookey last night.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to go forward and how I want to focus me to get on the right path with my healing work and the other things that I do. I met with a lovely woman on Thursday last to discuss some marketing ideas and was all fired up to get going on those. I still am but the reality of having to sit down and think about putting things together and redesigning my business card, etc is now with me. I expect some of it will be fun and some of it a bit frustrating but I’m also setting the intent that the outcome will be positive.

So, I’m off again today, to do some healer Self-Care (because even we need to play hookey and look after ourselves) so for the next few days why don’t you look at what you can do for your self-care? A nice leisurely bath, a long walk, a pedi/mani, a facial, some meditation time, reading a good book, a healing session or a massage or any other number of things that will help you relax and come back to yourself.

Have a good self-care time!
Oh, and happy Ground Hog Day!

With Love and Light,

Questions or comments, you can email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.


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