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Hi all,
I’ll be posting on Thursday. I’m debating right now to go back to once a week – we’ll see how that goes down.
HAve a great week!
With love and light,

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Safety Girl Moves Forward

I wanted to continue a bit with my last posting (Fearless Inventory reveals Safety Girl, Feb 16/09) about security, safety (that’s me, the Safety Girl), and boundaries and letting go of those boundaries because i had a rather interesting experience this week.

I started working part time at a shop last week (the place I was thinking was my dream job – and it may be but not quite yet) where I’m doing readings. I had planned to go in yesterday because I had left my lunch there (it had my banana cake in it, with cream cheese icing, and no way was I leaving it there to go bad, fridge or no fridge) and had wanted to pick it up. I had originally planned on going today (Wed) but my day yesterday ended up being only a half day of work so I was off in the afternoon.

After trudging my way to the bus stop in Kensington, from downtown (and it was trudging, let me tell you), finally making it home (I missed the bus by a minute), eating the lunch I’d made to eat at the office (mmm, chickpea salad) and reading a good book, I headed to bed for a nap (still trudging here), thinking, it’s ok, I’ll go tomorrow to the shop. I read for about 25 minutes and it came in to my head, that I really needed to go to the shop as soon as possible.

So, I jumped up, threw on some nicer clothes (I’d changed from work when I’d gotten home) and headed out, road raging all the way because all of the sudden I needed to get somewhere in a hurry and everyone in front of me was driving slow. Thank goodness, no accidents and no tickets; I guess the gods, and apparently, my grandmother, were looking out for me. So, finally made it to the shop. Lunch was still intact and the shop owner and one of the other ladies that works there were talking about someone who was coming to do some work.

Ok. Who believes in kismet? Coincidence? Things happening for a reason? This lady (we’ll call her CC for now, as I don’t have her permission yet to mention her name), CC, had called in as she was looking to join the shop and make her services in Belief Re-Patterning (TM, developed by Suze Casey, MEd) available to the public. She had called earlier that morning or something to make a “test” appointment (she was to do a test run, sort an interview, for the owner, to see how she would best fit in) then had called back a bit later to move the appointment back to 3 pm.

Lo, and behold, here I come walking in, at about 2:45pm, saying I had to be here today, and what’s going on? the owner didn’t really want to sit that day for the exercise, wasn’t feeling up to it or something and so she decided that I should take the appointment. So, there I was when CC walked in; we got settled and started our session. We sat in chairs facing each other, she with her hand on my knee.

The basic principle behind the Belief Re-patterning (TM) is to release beliefs that no longer serve us or that limit us in some way (you can read more about it on the website – see the end of the post for that). There are lots of limiting beliefs – I’ve talked about some of those here: beliefs about boundaries and safety, for example. I do some belief release work in my healing practice as well so was curious about this different process.

it uses muscle testing to determine what beliefs, emotions, etc need to be addressed. We started with my arm and it was not cooperating at all (wouldn’t really give us a straight answer) so we switched to using my hand, which did give us clear answers.

We started with OUTRAGE, and moved our way through several steps, quite rapidly, to the point where I was stating that I am collected and peaceful in all situations in my life. We passed through forgiving myself for believing that others know my truth better than me (those parents!!) and through choosing, freedom, and a few other steps that while seemingly rapid, were quite profound. At different points I was breathing pretty heavy to clear what was sticking in my chest, crying, speechless because I couldn’t say the words that I needed to say to go through the “point” in the process, and near the end, holding myself straight in my chair, still breathing heavy, out of sheer pride, because I wanted to throw myself onto the ground and wail with fear and pain at the feelings that were coming through and at how difficult it was to break the belief and build new ones. I was also dizzy through a large part of the second half.

I’ve seen all of these things in my own healing practice and have experienced variations of them in my own release process through other healing modalities (EFT, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, NLP, shamanist healing, etc). However, in my sessions, other than EFT, which I had only ever done on my own, it usually took about an hour to 2 hours, sometimes longer, to get to the end point, or the closing point for the session. I have always experienced a shift, in every session, some faster than others, but rarely I think, in such a far reaching manner.

My session with CC took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I am blown away, still, now, as I write about it. I could see the ramifications of what we were doing touching, literally, on all of the stuff I had been working on the last couple of weeks, about boundaries, about safety, about moving forward, on things that I had been struggling with my whole life. 20 bloody minutes.

Only 1 other time can I remember the clarity that I had in this session and that came after someone, who had a great deal of negative influence in my life, died. I had this person in my life for my entire life, and by the end of the weekend (I heard on Friday of the death), I had such clarity and could see how that person had affected me in everything in my life, and it was such a profound relief to me that they had passed that I was almost a completely different person come Monday. It was pretty amazing. This was similar and in only 20 minutes.

is everyone going to have this kind of shift? Well, I hope so. However, as with all healing work, sometimes the shift will be subtle, and other times, big, and other times physically demanding, and other times, a happy experience. Each person, believe me, will get what they need out of each session they go to provided they go with the intent to shift and move things and let go of stuff.

When I talk about doing the fearless inventory, of looking at your stuff, the outcome, ideally, is this kind of clarity. It won’t always be that way but if you are persistent in working to resolve your stuff, you will have these moments. And believe me, they are worth it.
I can easily say that I am grateful for my earlier experiences, however difficult they were, so that I could have such clarity and grace now, when I see the light, and have experienced the release.

So, now I have a new weapon in my arsenal, against my stuff. I recommend it but not everyone will want it that way. Some will want to get on a table and go that route – go in whatever route calls to you. There are many options out there.

Be at peace, and may you have clarity,
With love and light,

Info: Belief Re-patterning (TM) website:
Check it out, read up on it. If you want to see the practitioner I did, send me an email (below) and I’ll get her full info for you. She is a practitioner, and I believe she is listed on the website, but let me know as I’ll get confirmed information.

The shop I work at is called Angels, Guides, & Spirits, 403-264-3576 in Calgary.

Questions or Comments: Please email me at

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Fearless Inventory reveals Safety Girl

Have you ever heard the term “fearless inventory”? And no, I’m not talking about counting all those dust and cobweb-covered (ooh, the spiders!) cans in the back corner. It’s a term that has floated around for a while with different programs out there and it’s really both interesting and not a little unsettling.

As I recall, taking a “fearless inventory” means looking at all of your “stuff”, both your light “stuff” and your dark “stuff” (but mostly your dark “stuff”) without blinders on, without fooling yourself about it but also without judging yourself for it. It means looking at all that stuff and either fixing it or making reparations for it, then accepting it and making the effort and the commitment to not do it again and to move on and learn from it. It’s unsettling because it means admitting to yourself and sometimes others that you were wrong in your behaviour, in your belief and maybe even your boundaries. It may also mean looking at other events that occurred in your life that are painful and confusing and in looking at the boundaries that arose from those events. So, unsettling could be putting it mildly.

Taking this inventory, maybe not entirely, but certainly regarding some of my behaviours that I have been recently wallowing in, is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been looking at them (my behaviours and habits) and looking at what I can do to make reparation for them and in the effort, grow as a person. This also has the added benefit of working towards making myself a clearer vessel both to channel energy for healing and readings but also to channel more positive things for myself (like a regular income) and to others. And i can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I can see changes in my behaviour and how things affect me but growth is an ever upward-spiraling event so we address different aspects of the same things over and over again, clearing our vibrational levels as we go through each experience again, and again. So, there is growth and change and it is sometimes faster than other times but it does happen even if we can’t seem to see movement – so again, back to unsettling, and so it should be. But there is growth and while you may not always be able to see it, others will and eventually you’ll feel the difference inside you when you make a decision about something and it’s a different decision that what you would have done before. This is redefining your boundaries and it comes from taking this “fearless inventory”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to talk about boundaries but sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out your own and to figure out when you need to set some and release others.

The stuff that I have been most recently trying to figure out is about why I’m so territorial, why other peoples’ noise bothers me so much, why the little things get to me, why I remember almost every slight ever done to me and why people on this earth are here to torment me (only slightly egocentric), or more specifically, what lesson is it that I am to learn from these experiences? As a “cancer” in the astrological show, my tendencies include being oversensitive and living in the past. So, we’re back to overcoming my nature and I’ve been trying to look at it objectively, being honest about it but not beating myself up about it (tapping (EFT) has been helping a lot here).

And I think I’ve figured it out, finally. At least, for me.

Those things, territoriality, annoyed by little things, they are about safety. It’s about having boundaries in a physical way (rules) when you don’t trust that you have the strength, or more likely, courage, to address those boundary issues at the time they actually arise. And in the past, I was not able to address some boundary issues so I suppose it makes sense. I was too shy, too embarrassed, too ashamed, etc, to speak to anyone about things or as I got older, but not necessarily calmer, I was too abrupt and rude about it because I was scared silly of saying anything at all so when I finally got the guts to say anything, I was so angry about it that I was out of control. And those rules seem to be pretty important to me. However, I’m trying to overcome those tendencies. Sometimes those rules can get pretty specific (kind of like French Grammar – like this but only for 3 things, and the rest of the time it’s like this) and are sometimes pretty random, as my roommate will certainly attest to.

But the other thought that comes with this business about boundaries and safety is that if we are working to live a more authentic life, to live more in tune with the Higher Self, more in tune with that part of us not affected by the human condition, then shouldn’t we be letting go of those things? Shouldn’t we be letting go of that need for safety? When it boils down to it, does the soul actually need safety? Does the soul really need boundaries?

I don’t think it does. I think the soul is perfectly safe, despite dire threats to the contrary by so many groups out there. Granted, it is bound to the human body (no offense to non-humans here) but I don’t think it needs the extra boundaries. It’s the human ego and the human condition that needs them. The soul just needs to remember what it is.

Supposedly, the lives we live here are ones of learning, of illusion, as some put it, and not of actual “reality” (let’s not get to existential right now). The reality is that the soul is completely connected to Source, and is a piece of the Divine, of Source and safety is a human condition construct, just as is our experience here, on this earth. So, as part of Source, can the soul be damaged? Can Source be damaged?

In the bigger picture, no, I don’t think Source can be damaged. Can you hurt God? Can you hurt the Universal Energy, the Universal Love, that only loves and accepts unconditionally?

Are boundaries necessary, though? As humans, oh, yes, I think so. It’s kind of a mixed bag though, isn’t it? On one hand, do we need to have boundaries if we are all a part of Source, but we are taught, and I think rightly so, that boundaries are necessary for self-respect, and other things. But are those boundaries actually helping us to get clearer? To get closer to the Divine? In deciding to say no to something we don’t want to do, then that really is a step towards the Divine because we are trying to be happier and more at peace, the path to becoming more compassionate, and more of a divine vessel for light and love.

So, in setting boundaries, we set ourselves up to either be happy, or to be miserable and safe. I suppose the trick is to know the difference. And now we’re back to safety. Sometimes, I guess, since there is no way around having experiences where all of our boundaries may be tested, then we have to set the intent for ourselves that we set the boundaries that are the best for us and then hope for the best. And well, I suppose the truth is that the best is what each of us will get anyway, no matter how we go forward or what decisions we make – they are all the right choices.

I do work under the assumption that reality, as defined by books (I don’t know physics here, so I’m going with the simple definitions), is what you make of it. That each of us is a part of a larger piece and that piece, the soul, as we call it, chooses the life it wants to lead before it comes to this plane of existence, to Earth. And, as neutral beings of love (Universal Love Source Energy), then all manner of lifestyle and choice is a choice of love, a choice made without fear, without boundaries, for the experience. The boundaries come after we get here. So, in growth, we need to re-evaluate those boundaries on a regular basis and expand our definition of safety, or narrow it, depending on your outlook.

With Love and Light,

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Thursday, Friday

Hi all,

Still haven’t gotten organized to get this done this week. I’m working on something and will have it for Monday but for now, I’m still trying to dig through the dirt to find the light.

Have a great Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day, Sunday morning after, and FAmily Day weekend.

With love and light,

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Monday, Tuesday

Sorry, no posting yet this week. I will post on Thursday though. Thanks for your patience.

With love and light,

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The Wyld Vynes’ Guide to Manifestation

Hi all. It’s been an interesting week and it’s not even over yet!

As some of you may know, I have started applying for regular-type jobs. Office work or Customer Service where I can interact directly with the public and get that rush that always comes when you do that.

I still have one application outstanding – haven’t heard back yet about it (which is good – no news is good news as they say) but the other 3 have been turned down. One of them (we’ll call it Job A) I had thrown a great deal of energy into manifesting it for myself and was sure that I had felt that click that sometimes happens when you know you’ve hooked in what you aiming for.

Now, along with this there were a couple of negative thoughts (i.e. I really don’t want a full time job, or I don’t really want to have to get a job, maybe I’m overqualified, the money won’t be a lot, etc) but the postive, I think, much outweighed the negative. Since they say a positive thought has as much energy as a negative thought, then the outweighing of greater positive should surely have outweighed the minor negative, yes?

Question 1 : Can a single stray negative thought really blow everything out of the water?

Answer 1: Probably not, but this leads us to Question 2:

Is there such a thing as a single, stray negative thought about any single thing?

Answer 2: Urban Myth, anyone? Yes, my cynicism has reared its ugly head but I’m trying to figure it out too. Truly, it is unlikley. There are so many things floating through our heads, after years of life, and experience and believing what others say that it’s unlikely there is only a single negative thought pattern for any given topic.

That’s not to say that it can’t be overcome though; I have hope for myself, as I try to work at being more positive (it really is uplifting), and I have hope for you too. And there are all those people out there working to live a positive life.

Aside from the negative thought aspect, I’m thinking that maybe there’s a waiting line here too. I have been working to manifest a really cool job for the last little while; it is part time, pays me well, it’s flexible with a great working environment that is easy for me to get to (maybe it’s an online job …), it has great people working at it and it will let me use my creative skills and maybe even my healing and intution abilities a bit too. Ok, so maybe it sounds unlikely but if you can think it, you can make it happen, right? This is the power of positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, that little thing we call manifestation. And, actually, now that I think about it, I think I may have found that perfect job but I’ll have to think about it a bit more (well, maybe meditation would be a better idea).

But, to get back to the point, I’ve been putting out that I wanted this really cool job, but have also been manifesting (putting lots of positive energy into manifesting) a large sum of cash so I can not have to worry about the mundanities of life, like paying rent and putting gas in the car (yes, I have a car, I love my Lurch and I am far from perfect). In fact, I’m pretty sure I won that 43 million dollar 6/49 jackpot last month; unfortunately, I think it was in a different dimension. Maybe the one that’s attached by vortex to my butt. . . (long story)

So, maybe because I’ve been consistent in putting energy into those 2 things FIRST, before Job A even came along, then those things are what will manifest first. Maybe I’ll get Job A (or something like it) in 6 months or something. There’s still one more traditional job that I can experiment with so I’ll have to give that a shot.

Question 3: Is there a first come, first serve priority list when it comes to manifesting things?

Answer 3: Well, makes sense to me. Maybe . . . but I’m thinking it has more to do with how much positive energy you put into 1 or the other thing. Maybe because I’ve been focusing on the cool job and the cash for longer, the accumulative energy built up behind those things overcame that of the energy and intent put towards Job A.

Do I have any clue what I’m talking about? Well, maybe, maybe not. I’ve done some reading and listened to the Hicks/Abraham works and I do know that I can manifest things, if I really want them. I think I was better at it when I was a kid but I’m trying to clear out the programming and get to the positive stuff and work with that more.

And the positive thought thing really does work – I’ve even experienced it, it’s very uplifting, but more often that not it’s rather fleeting for most of us and all it takes is one little negative thing to happen to bring us down. In addition, I have the gift of being pragmatic and of seeing both sides of an issue so sometimes I get caught up in the details, like how will it happen and when, and of course, who may have issues with it.

This leads us to what seems to be Sure Thing 1:

After spending all that time and energy to manifest something, you then have to let it go. You need to release control of it by leaving open the details of how it happens, when it happens or what the actual details of it are. It’s called letting go of outcome, Huh.

Sounds contradictory doesn’t it? Yeah, it does. Don’t kid yourself. But if you work with the assumption (yes, the assumption) or if you’d rather, premise, that the Universe works to provide you with not only what you want (manifest) but the method of its development that is in your highest good, then you have to trust the Universe (and yourself) that it will provide the item, the opportunity, the doorway, to what you really want in the manner that is most suitable for you.

Yeah, that’s a tough one too. But I like being positive, I feel better and things don’t knock me down so quickly and I can stay in my happy place (as my friend puts it) for a longer period of time. Faith is a very powerful thing and can get you through a lot, and yes, I’ve been there, am there and will always work to be there.

And time? Well, time is fluid, isn’t it, and only humans in this world, work with our time system. The Universe has a much different time framework (i.e. now or not now). Remember, trying to be positive here!!

So, I am working to be more postive, in not letting myself get caught up in the details, and in having faith that I can manifest what I want and need and that the Universe will provide it in the way and the time that is best for me. It’s hard but the end result certainly seems to be worth it.

Now, where is that lottery ticket?

With love and light,


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Ok, so I’m playing hookey. I was to have posted last night for your reading pleasure and thinkingness today but played hookey last night.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to go forward and how I want to focus me to get on the right path with my healing work and the other things that I do. I met with a lovely woman on Thursday last to discuss some marketing ideas and was all fired up to get going on those. I still am but the reality of having to sit down and think about putting things together and redesigning my business card, etc is now with me. I expect some of it will be fun and some of it a bit frustrating but I’m also setting the intent that the outcome will be positive.

So, I’m off again today, to do some healer Self-Care (because even we need to play hookey and look after ourselves) so for the next few days why don’t you look at what you can do for your self-care? A nice leisurely bath, a long walk, a pedi/mani, a facial, some meditation time, reading a good book, a healing session or a massage or any other number of things that will help you relax and come back to yourself.

Have a good self-care time!
Oh, and happy Ground Hog Day!

With Love and Light,

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