2012, Part 3

We were talking about 2012 (okay, I was talking) and what we could do to help balance the earth as she goes through her growth shifts and such (like weather changes) in the coming months and through the dreaded 2012 and that whole end of the world thing.

First I talked about the win-win of healing work (2012, Part 1) and how as a healer (as do other energy workers) working with a client, I set an intent for the healing session that the client moves out whatever “stuff” they have that no longer serves them, in a timely and gentle manner, and that the energy (Universal Love, Source, God, etc) that I draw through me in making the healing space for the client, helps the client do whatever is for their highest good. Also in there is the energy flow (Universal Love) through me as the healer that also benefits me and is used by my spirit and will for my highest good, and not at the cost of the client – sort of a secondary benefit.

I then talked about win-win-win (2012, Part 2), where in doing a healing and setting the intent for your client session, that you also set the intent that any extra energy (Universal Love) not used by the client, or yourself, be forwarded to Gaia, the Earth, for her to use for her highest good. I also emphasized only doing this if you felt comfortable and that it’s important not to compromise client care.

An alternative to that would be having a client session with Gaia as your primary client, thereby directing sending Universal / Unconditional Love Energy to her for her use. You could also pick a place on the planet and send energy directly there, setting the intent that the energy will shift and balance out anything not for Gaia’s highest good. Notice I didn’t say move out stuff – let’s not set the intent that she decides to move out people . . . although in setting the intent to balance out an area, that may be one of the results . . . who knows . . .).

So, focus on an area to balance to help smooth out and drastic shifts. Get a map of the world, or do some searching on CNN to find out where things are at unrest and work on that area.

Just a note: The reason why win-win-win would work and not compromise either yourself or your client, is that in my experience, I have very rarely been completely maxed out in energy flow by my client or my own needs. I have to date, been able to handle more energy than the client can draw through me. Therefore, since my capacity is greater than the client’s needs, any extra energy drawn through me can flow to me and to wherever I direct it. However, you need to do some soul searching and determine if that would work for you.

Now, the part where the non-healer, well, any and all humans really, comes in is here: be happy. Find things to do that make you happy (See posting Finding Your Truth, Jan 19/09). As the connectors between heaven and earth, between Earth and Source (Universal Love), we filter energy through us all the time without even realizing it. We are like the cilia (the sensory receptors and filters) for the planet.

So if we’re running energy through us everyday to the earth, and it’s been proven that positive thoughts have as much power as negative (although negative are more prevalent) and that positive thinking, visualization and acting can have incredible effects, doesn’t it make sense that if you have positive energy running through you, not only are you going to be happier and more positive and feel better about yourself but the earth will receive that positive vibe as well, thereby helping her heal and feel better about herself and all those parts attached to her (like us)? And we know the earth understands vibration – remember earthquakes?

So, we can all do this – do things that make us happy, and that translates to positive energy being sent to thers around us and to the earth as well. Believe me, although you may not realize it, you will be thankful for it in the end and the earth certainly can use all the good vibes she can get.

I hear the Beach Boys now , . . “I’m pickin’ up good vibrations . . . she’s sending me excitations . . .Good, good, good, good vibrations” . . .

With love and light,


Questions or comments: email me at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.


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