2012, Part 2


We were talking about win-win (2012, Part 1): when I do healing, I channel Source (Universal Love) energy through me and the client accepts or draws what they need from that flow and I end up receiving some from the flow as well (there is always enough for everyone). We were also talking about how we can help the Earth, Gaia, through her process and the changes that will occur in 2012. Given all this, what if we set the intent to do a win-win-win situation?

First of all, let me explain intent.

Intent is, according to Dictonary.com, the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object. Intent is also to have meaning or significance.

Intention, from the same source, is purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.

So, some examples of setting an intention, or setting the intent are:

I set the intent to actually get my writing done (haha);

I set the intent that today will be a good day and I will stay in my happy place;

I set the intent that this healing is for this person’s highest good and that anything not for my their highest good be moved out quickly, smoothly, gently, and easily for the energy fields; or, when you’re doing it for yourself,

I set the intent that this healing is for my highest good, etc

You get the point (if you don’t, let me know and I’ll try and explain it better).

Basically, you are setting the state of your mind and/or directing your mind (or energy) towards a specific outcome. In healing, and in most things, we set the intent to have a positive outcome, whether it’s clearing out our “stuff” (emotions, physical symptoms, etc that no longer serve us), or getting to work on time and in 1 piece (certainly something to work towards with the side roads the way they are right now in Calgary), or setting the intent that we will have a good time. In some ways, we undergo a change in perspective because we are deciding the outcome before hand so whatever happens, if we maintain faith in the postive outcome, it’s okay, because we’ll get what we aimed for in the end. And it’s not just the healer who sets the intent either –   the client has to set the intent for the session as well – this is called a common goal.  You discuss with the client what their goals are and establish those and set the intent for the healing session around those goals.

As for negative intent . . . well, you can certainly set the intent to have a negative outcome but why would you? There’s enough negative garbage floating around all you have to say is come to me and there it is.

So you say the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, I think that’s a discussion for another day (and I’ll get to it) Let’s just stick with setting the intent to have a positive outcome that is in the other person’s best interest, and not in your own.

So, back to win-win-win and how we can get there and how we can use the principle of energy flow to create a win-win-win to help Gaia, the Earth. Remember, Gaia, the woman who came to you for help in her healing process? She’s Earth and she needs help. So whenever you are doing healing work and setting the intent that your client get exactly what they need to help themselves heal, also set the intention to send any extra energy to the Earth, to Gaia, to help her healing too. Not much effort required there – just set the intent and allow that Source energy to flow through you. The intent your setting is for the extra energy, not used by your client or by you go to Earth for her to use it. She knows what to do with it and there are other people working to help her with that too so don’t sweat it, just send it.

Now, I am not however suggesting in ANY WAY that you compromise your client care. If you aren’t comfortable with setting an intent other than that for your client care, then don’t. Your client is your primary concern. Don’t compromise them or yourself. What’s that expression, Do what you will, an it harm none. So it should be. It is your duty and responsibility as a caregiver to create a safe place for your client (s) to do their healing work in and a sacred contract of sorts to be their access to Universal (Source) Love and Energy.  You also have a responsibility to leave your stuff out of the session as well; don’t forget that part either.  Stay focussed on the client’s needs.

However, if you do feel okay setting a secondary intent, then do. When you work with intent, stating it clearly helps. So how you would state it? What is the call for help?

Well, the basics of a general, everyday, client focused call for Source to come in and help us goes something like this:

We set the intent for this time and this place that this client (person/name of client) receive energy to help them release anything not for their highest good and for it to move out quickly, smoothly, gently and easily.

All the healers I’ve worked with have a variation of this statement.  The main element is that the process be for the client’s highest good a.k.a. a positive outcome for them. As a healer, I don’t normally set a specific intent for myself in my client sessions but there is certainly nothing to stop me from doing so provided I make it clear that the client is first priority.  But I (and you) passively absorb energy for healing anyway and your body is, in some ways, trained to use any Source / positive energy it gets access to for it’s highest good. Or at least its highest priority which, as we know, is not always its highest good but let’s stay positive here.

To expand the client statement from above, you might add something to the effect that any extra energy not used by the client or yourself be forwarded to Gaia, to Earth, to be used for her highest good.

So, win-win-win and not so much extra effort.

If you don’t want to do a three-way, just set the intent to do a healing session directly with Gaia.  And how do you set mutual goals and do an assessment on her?  Well, I’ll come back to that another day – I need to ask my guides about that (and ask Gaia, I suppose).

And, yes, it is true that some people need more energy than others, which is why there are so many different types of healers out there.  People just starting with energy work often can’t handle as much as those who have been doing it regularly.  It’s kind of like exercise:  the more you do, the easier it becomes.  Gaia’s pretty big though,  so how do you make sure you don’t get sucked dry, or spontaneously combust with the kind of energy that she might draw through you? Most people build up to it and as you’re ready to move stuff (your personal “stuff” that is), you will draw more energy. It’s a natural thing – as you clear yourself, so there is more space for energy to flow – kind of like the difference between a clear artery and a clogged one.  So how do you make sure that you aren’t going to be sucked dry by Gaia?

Well, many, including me, believe that we are the connectors between Heaven (Source Energy) and Earth (Gaia).  If we are, then we are constantly in a cycle of moving energy through us from Source, to Gaia and back again so handling that energy flow is something we all do every day.  In a healing, you just  set the intent that you only channel as much energy as you can handle at this point so you aren’t going to burn out or spontaneously combust.  I don’t think that would actually happen, I think there are natural shut down valves of sorts in our bodies;   we do hit burn out points and max out our stress level, but you never know.  At this point, I would stick with the principle of better safe than sorry and set the intent that you are going to be the bottle neck and will only channel as much energy to her as you can handle.

But something else about healing . . . don’t do any focused client work (with Gaia, or anyone else) unless you are feeling strong enough to do it.  Channelling energy takes energy, so if you haven’t got much to spare to start with (you’re tired, sick, worn out, etc) then how can you spare any to work with? It’s kind of like a starter on an engine – it runs off the battery (I think) so you need some juice to get the rest of the juice running.  You don’t want to burn yourself out because then you can’t help anyone else; sometimes not even yourself.

And, what if you aren’t a healer?  What can I, the lay person, who doesn’t do specific healing work, do for Gaia? Aside from recycling and taking the bus or walking that is?  I have notes for you too ut that will be for the next part of this series (part 3)

Take care,

With love and light,


Please be aware that all opinions stated in here are my own. MY OWN. They are based on my experiences and my beliefs. So, if I’ve described something that you don’t agree with, or feel differently about – good – we should all hear different opinions and ideas so we can open up our reality and our vision and see more of what’s out there. Send me a comment about it.  You can leave a comment here or send me an email at wyldvynes@yahoo.ca.


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  1. judy

    thanks for an easy read, except for that little bit of garbled stuff around the area of ‘intention’.

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