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I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, as we walked along Glenmore Reservoir alternately freezing our faces off and being too warm (cold wind, only 0 degrees out and warm sun, typical Calgary weather) and we got to talking about archetypes.

You’ve probably heard about archetypes: they are classifications in psychology, in astrology (what’s your sign?) as well as the Chinese signs (this is the year of the Ox); there are others out there as well, ones that I’m more familiar with like Carolyn Myss’ archetypes, as well as the archetypes of the Micheal System. I’m also developing a set of archetypes that my guides have been giving me a bit of an outline on.

By definition (thanks to Wikipedia) an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior. In addition, there are 2 other classifications: a stereotype—a personality type observed multiple times, especially an oversimplification of such a type; and an epitome—personality type exemplified, especially the “greatest” such example.

We are all a variety of archetypes and we are often defined by those embodiments, whether we realize it or not. How often have you heard – oh that person is a {insert astrological sign here}, and that’s why they are like that.  Or this person is this way, etc because of this.

We are also born with what we call a nature, also called personality, a way that we do things. This is a fact:  we are born already imprinted with a basic outline, so somewhere along the way, someone decided to classify those personality traits and tendencies and give them a name. Notice how naming something gives it power? But to get back to archetypes . . .The evidence would certainly support the supposition that we are typecast before we even get started!

Sometimes that’s a good thing because as we are growing up we can get a clue as to why we’re like this or react that way. It’s our nature. It both defines and explains who we are and why we are. This can bring us some comfort but it can be used as a crutch, too, or as an excuse for bad behaviour.As an excuse for not trying to look at our stuff, for not valuing ourselves enough to love ourselves and look after ourselves.  It’s in my nature, that’s just the way I am, yada, yada.

In the growth process of becoming a “bigger” person, calmer, more detached (yes, we are talking about me), or more involved, more confident, more outgoing, etc we take what we were given, that basic outline that we started with at birth, that was shaped by the beliefs and habits of our parents, our families, our friends, our teachers, our Romans, etc and we try and overcome it.  But who we are today is different than who you were when you were born, n’est ce pas?

It’s like Amish friendship bread, you start with a base then throw other stuff into the mix (or you could start with the martini analogy too – start with an excellent vodka and go from there).  It sometimes turns out okay, sometimes needs a bit of tweaking, and sometimes needs to be changed completely.

So,  here’s the thinker.

In the process of becoming a clearer, greater person, of achieving that Christ/Buddha consciousness, do we really have to overcome our nature, our basic “I was born this way” nature? Or do we need to find our true nature, and come back to who we were as a baby because this is our true nature, by actually overcoming our programming, our extra recipe additions? Or, if you believe in past lives, that we carry stuff over from other lifetimes, is the nature we are really trying to get back to one that looks us in the face everyday, that of Divine Source?

This was the conundrum I was discussing with my friend. Is overcoming your nature the key to growth as a soul?

No, it’s not. We are all divine beings, a part of the Source, of God, of the Universal Energy or the Universal Love, the Universe, Allah, or Buddha? Therefore, our true nature is that of unconditional love, of Universal Love, of the Divine. So it’s not overcoming our nature that we have to do, it’s getting back to our nature by overcoming the programming, the archetypes, the extra mix in the drink, by distilling ourselves down (or up) to the vibration of Source.

Hmm, well, just a few things to filter out . . . 🙂
With love and light,


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2012, Part 3

We were talking about 2012 (okay, I was talking) and what we could do to help balance the earth as she goes through her growth shifts and such (like weather changes) in the coming months and through the dreaded 2012 and that whole end of the world thing.

First I talked about the win-win of healing work (2012, Part 1) and how as a healer (as do other energy workers) working with a client, I set an intent for the healing session that the client moves out whatever “stuff” they have that no longer serves them, in a timely and gentle manner, and that the energy (Universal Love, Source, God, etc) that I draw through me in making the healing space for the client, helps the client do whatever is for their highest good. Also in there is the energy flow (Universal Love) through me as the healer that also benefits me and is used by my spirit and will for my highest good, and not at the cost of the client – sort of a secondary benefit.

I then talked about win-win-win (2012, Part 2), where in doing a healing and setting the intent for your client session, that you also set the intent that any extra energy (Universal Love) not used by the client, or yourself, be forwarded to Gaia, the Earth, for her to use for her highest good. I also emphasized only doing this if you felt comfortable and that it’s important not to compromise client care.

An alternative to that would be having a client session with Gaia as your primary client, thereby directing sending Universal / Unconditional Love Energy to her for her use. You could also pick a place on the planet and send energy directly there, setting the intent that the energy will shift and balance out anything not for Gaia’s highest good. Notice I didn’t say move out stuff – let’s not set the intent that she decides to move out people . . . although in setting the intent to balance out an area, that may be one of the results . . . who knows . . .).

So, focus on an area to balance to help smooth out and drastic shifts. Get a map of the world, or do some searching on CNN to find out where things are at unrest and work on that area.

Just a note: The reason why win-win-win would work and not compromise either yourself or your client, is that in my experience, I have very rarely been completely maxed out in energy flow by my client or my own needs. I have to date, been able to handle more energy than the client can draw through me. Therefore, since my capacity is greater than the client’s needs, any extra energy drawn through me can flow to me and to wherever I direct it. However, you need to do some soul searching and determine if that would work for you.

Now, the part where the non-healer, well, any and all humans really, comes in is here: be happy. Find things to do that make you happy (See posting Finding Your Truth, Jan 19/09). As the connectors between heaven and earth, between Earth and Source (Universal Love), we filter energy through us all the time without even realizing it. We are like the cilia (the sensory receptors and filters) for the planet.

So if we’re running energy through us everyday to the earth, and it’s been proven that positive thoughts have as much power as negative (although negative are more prevalent) and that positive thinking, visualization and acting can have incredible effects, doesn’t it make sense that if you have positive energy running through you, not only are you going to be happier and more positive and feel better about yourself but the earth will receive that positive vibe as well, thereby helping her heal and feel better about herself and all those parts attached to her (like us)? And we know the earth understands vibration – remember earthquakes?

So, we can all do this – do things that make us happy, and that translates to positive energy being sent to thers around us and to the earth as well. Believe me, although you may not realize it, you will be thankful for it in the end and the earth certainly can use all the good vibes she can get.

I hear the Beach Boys now , . . “I’m pickin’ up good vibrations . . . she’s sending me excitations . . .Good, good, good, good vibrations” . . .

With love and light,


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Finding Your Truth: Accepting & Living it

I just posted about Finding your Truth (Jan 18/09) and in there I stated there are several aspects of getting to the living of your truth, of living an authentic life (Jan 5/09) including finding your truth, getting to your truth, accepting your truth and living your truth.

We mostly covered finding your truth and I listed some tools on how to do that.  Getting to it is sometimes a bit harder but those questions, what did you like as a kid, what comes naturally to you, what did you dream about, what would you do if you were guaranteed success, are pretty good to use to suss out what your turht is. And in retrospect, I think that part of one’s truth is just being happy. I’ll come back to that though.

Accepting your truth and living your truth are what we’re going to look at here. I’m no expert, as I’ve not done this for a lot of people, but I am trying to do it now for myself.  So that just makes me a reporter from the front line.

So, assuming you’ve done your questionnaire of life, how do you accept what it is you’ve discovered? Well, sometimes it’s easy, you just say, hey that’s right, those things do make me happy,  and start incorporating those things into your life and you may even move straight to living your truth and making a living out of it. But is the end goal of finding your truth mean making a living at it too? Is it your path? Not necessarily.

As a healer, I feel a calling towards doing that as much as possible but I also enjoy some of the more mundane things in life like layout design and administration and such (yeah, I’m a kicker, aren’t I) so I want to incorporate into my life as many things as I like to do. I’m personally heading for the whole package deal – trying to get a healing practice up and running – but there are other things I want to do as well with that. I have a lot of different interests that can be addressed, probably most easily with volunteer work, but at this point, I’m worrying about the equally mundane things such as paying the bills. So, I need to find a balance between doing my calling, or living my truth, and probably an everyday kind of job that can help to pay the bills a little more consistently than what I’ve got going on now.

The other thing about accepting your truth, is to not beat yourself up about it. One of the hardest things for me when I decided to quit my job was that I realized that I had spent 20 years trying to fit into someone else’s idea of a work utopia and putting other people, or more specifically, my idealized vision of those people on a pedestal (hello, parents, girlfriends, friends, boyfriends, bosses??).  Well, let it go and get over it.  You can put as many people on a pedestal as you want but eventually their humanity is going to disappoint you and that is your problem, not theirs.  The truth is that we are all human and somewhere along the way, we are going to be disappointed, or disappoint, because of our own expectations.

I’ve been really good at the pedestal thing;  I was always trying to put someone on a pedestal to use as a guide or a mentor. I think a lot of people are.  We just want someone we can look up to.   But I never found one and the truth is, there isn’t one.  Looking “up” at someone else means that you aren’t looking at yourself.  And the only person who should be on that pedestal is you because the only person you can compare yourself to and hold yourself accountable to is yourself.  Put the ideal you up there on that pedestal.  Yes, you’ll disappoint yourself sometimes (maybe) but your opinion of you is the only that counts. And trying to hold yourself accountable to Source doesn’t even matter because Source loves you no matter who you are or what you do 9yes, we have free will).  So, it’s only your own rules that you end up breaking, by believing, as they used to say, in false gods. And then you kick yourself again, in the end, because you ignored your instincts, and your happiness meter all those other times and stayed where you were and let someone else call be your ideal.

Well, now that you’ve toppled the pedestal, and are just looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering how you got lost, you can kick yourself for being so blind and put yourself down, or you can take what you’ve learned and help others around you see the lessons you’ve learned. Some will take that and some won’t. Most won’t. People generally want to learn things themselves and there is merit in that as it creates a sympathetic energy for that situation but take my word for it, kick yourself for 5 minutes, or if you really have to, a day, but then get over it. You are where you need to be. It takes time for truth and reality to percolate together and meet at the same place. For some it comes sooner than later. So, hug yourself, have your cry if you need to, then congratulate yourself for realizing that you’ve seen the light, and start moving toward incorporating your truth into your life and living it.

But do you have to make a career of your truth? No, I don’t think so. If you like your job but you want more happiness in your life, incorporate those things you like into your personal time.
if you want to make your truth your career, go for it. Make it work for you.
If you want to make your truth your career and you have no idea how to do it, well, welcome to my world.
First off, I wouldn’t suggest quitting your job unless you are really ready to, and I don’t mean financially. I quit with no net in place. I knew I’d get enough money from my job on leaving that would cover me for a month, but I really didn’t know how I was going to make ends meet; I just needed to get out. Just a thought though, don’t leave it that long. It’s a miserable process to paint yourself into a corner and have to get out screaming, so to speak.
Start looking around and see who else is doing what you want to do. And don’t worry about competition, just focus on 100% success, remember? I’ll talk about competition another time though.

So, to recap, accept your truth, and be grateful for the recognition of it. If you’ve been wandering around feeling that you were in that weird desert twilight zone place, thank the gods, or Source, that you’ve found the door out. Walk towards the door. Open it and step through to the light. Be grateful; did I say that already? It’s true. Be grateful for all that you do have and don’t bemoan what you don’t have. This will really help to get things moving forward rather than the whole kicking yourself thing (it gets painful and leaves bruises).

Then start bringing in those things that you love to do. See what else is out there, how can you bring yoru truth into your life and start by doing it a little bit each day. Start with once a week. Ideally, you want to be doing something that makes you happy all the time. And happy doesn’t always mean right now. There may be other underlying needs that factor into your happiness (regular paycheck, that one TV show that makes you laufh all the time, that person who is only around once in a while, sitting on the beach).
You don’t have to jump off the cliff right away; it’s not going anywhere. Do some planning, do some compromise if you need to, but get some happy in there.

With love and light,

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Finding your Truth

A friend of mine made a comment about how now she just had to find her truth, after reading my posting on Living an Authentic Life (Jan 5/09) and then we later discussed it after I posted last week about Truth, Lies and Procrastination. I’m no expert but I am trying to follow my truth so if this helps you at all, then, fantastic.

When I first started this path of trying to find my truth and live it, it wasn’t that I didn’t have a clue at all about it. I did have some idea of what I liked and didn’t like (mostly didn’t like). I’d been doing healing for 6 years and knew that it was my path, and had also been doing readings for most of that time as well. I had tried other things over the years that hadn’t been quite right for me but that had interested me; mediation was one of the things that I tried and still strongly believe in. I even did it for a while with small claims court but got thrown off because I was unsuccessful (i.e. didn’t get the situations resolved) and felt that I was getting too involved in the parties’ issues and in their sheer stubbornness to even see the other person’s side or consider anything but their own view; I wasn’t quite neutral enough.

But I’ve also noticed that while I enjoyed doing whatever activity it was once I was actually doing it, whether doing a healing, a reading, writing or even cleaning the house, that I dreaded getting to it. I hated the work up or the lead up to the point of impact, so to speak. I hated that I had to drive somewhere and that I had to look nice and professional and that I couldn’t just be at home wrapped up in a good book. I still feel that way most of the time about the things I really like to do. But those feeling have nothing to do with the activity itself. The dread comes because I have to get out of my rut and put myself out there and be my truth, not just talk about it. As many of my friends (and not friends) know, I’m good with the talk. But the truth is, not matter how much truth you may know and be able to talk about, unless you’re living it, it’s not really true, is it? It’s just procrastination; where did I leave that crown?? (ref. Truth, Lies & Procrastination, Jan 15/09)

So there are several aspects here to look at: finding your truth, getting to your truth, accepting your truth, and living your truth. Let us start with the finding.

How did I find my truth, my bliss, my passions, you ask? Well, like most people, I would guess, by eliminating the things I didn’t like, to start with, but that isn’t really the best way to go at it. You’re approaching your truth, your joy, with negativity: what don’t I like about this situation and not what do I like about this. It’s a useful tool, don’t knock it, but look at what you do like too.

Now that I’m doing some of what I like, and I feel that I am getting some satisfaction out of what I am trying to do, I can look back and realize that I sort of went about it backwards, finding the things that I didn’t like, as most of us do. I realized that the things that I most enjoy now are the things that I most enjoyed doing as a kid, or a teenager, before the realities of living kicked in.

I used to love writing in school. Stories mostly but I could craft a pretty good essay as well. In university I was downright brilliant after I’d had a pint of beer at the local Irish pub (and after a couple of good editing sessions) when it came to my papers. I often felt inspired in my writing, even without the beer. I certainly feel inspired now but still need to do the editing part which I don’t so much enjoy. But I believe in sending out a message, so believe the extra time is worth it.

I read a lot as a kid and I still do.  I love sci-fi/fantasy, mostly fantasy, and spent every free moment I could sucking up what books I could find and re-reading the ones I really enjoyed. I dreamed of saving the world, using magic, just like all the heroes did in the epic stories I read. But I do actually do magic now, or it seems that way, with the energy work. Moving energy works with the same principles as those magic users did in those fantasy novels. The basics of physics were the same in those stories – for everything there is balance, and if you take something from one place, you need to replace it. So too with energy – nothing is created or destroyed, it just changes shape and moves. And what Energy healing does certainly seems like magic to me sometimes. I confess, I love romances too and now there are even romance stories that combine the alternate reality and romance aspects in them. As for the romance in my life, well, I’m still working on that but I am definitely open to it.

My mom tells me I used to fix everything. My sister or brother would break their toys (my toys??) and then I’d patiently put them back together again. I always tried to be the peacemaker with friends at school and i think even sometimes between my brother and sister at home. I still do this. I can see both sides of an issue most of the time.  How does this translate now?  The healing certainly looks to be fixing things, if in a different way. And I did study mediation.

I enjoyed being active – I played hockey and soccer; I loved skating, skiing, biking, hiking, canoeing, swimming and dancing but somehow never find the time to do those things anymore.

I used to play in a school band (alto sax and later baritone) and played the piano for years, until I went to university (Ottawa U) that is. It was kind of difficult to get a piano into my dorm room and the walk was long and the effort extensive to book time in a piano room and eventually the realities of life (school work, job, social stuff, no extra cash to buy a piano, no extra room to put in a piano) led to my not playing the piano anymore. I’m kind of sad about it because the piano is what kept me sane through high school; it was my therapy. I could use some piano therapy on a regular basis these days and I am realizing how much I miss it but again, I’m letting the realities get in the way.

I was teaching classes (in meteorology, granted) by the time I was 16, with Air Cadets. I even went to school to be a teacher. I sucked as a teacher (hated trying to motivate thirty 8-year-olds at 8 am). But I’m looking at teaching and coaching now. And I do enjoy it, now. After teacher’s college (and a stress breakdown) it made me nauseous to even walk into a classroom, so this is a good thing. Still don’t want to teach thirty 8-year-olds but that takes a special kind of person that I will never be.

I used to want to be an astronaut and a doctor. I knew what being an astronaut meant (Star Trek, here I come!) but the doctor part  – well, my parents were aiming high for me. But as a doctor, I could fix people, and I could go into space too! (Back in the early 80s, Sally Ride was the first non-pilot and woman to get on as shuttle crew.)   But I think I’ve done more good as a healer in the last few years, than I would have as a doctor but I also don’t think I’d be where I am, happy and getting clearer and happier, if I’d been a practitioner of traditional medicine. Plus there’s that whole having to pass calculus, physics and chemistry thing (which I didn’t do, thank God!) and I don’t have $100,000 in debt. So, really, I’m way ahead of the game here, the almost 20 years of feeling lost between university and when I started doing healing work notwithstanding.

As you can see, we do what we love as kids but as soon as we have to pay the bills ourselves or life gets in the way, we lose touch with those things. I don’t have kids, or a family here, I just have to worry about myself so it must be even harder to try and make time for the things you love when you have the extra people to consider. And that’s not to say that children don’t bring joy. They do, but they are people too and keeping them happy is sometimes even tougher. But are the realities really in the way? Or do we just use them as an excuse for not going out of our way, and doing something that we’re afraid we may not be any good at any more? Yes. For most of us, we let the realities shape our happiness.

Are the realities real though? Of course they are. Believe me, I know. I’m looking at trying to pay rent out of thin air here but again, I don’t have to support anyone else and I am managing to pay the bills and stay caught up. But some realities are more flexible than others, like your time. Do you really need to watch that game on TV or that TV series? Sometimes the answer is yes, you do, because you need the release and the escape but sometimes the answer is no. And while being tired is also valid, doing something you love is energizing too.

But finding your truth adn getting to it? Be honest with yourself first of all, but what I also realized is that it is really simple to find your truth, and possibly the basics of your path in life. What did you like to do as a kid, or younger person? What did you dream about? It might even be about what you found really easy to do, or what came naturally to you, becaue usually we also really like what is easy for us. And this is an even better question: if you were guaranteed 100% success and no obstacles, what would you be doing? What activity would you be pursuing? Remember, it’s 100% guaranteed. What would you do? (Thanks to Gary Craig,, for that one).

Whatever the answers are to those questions are your truth and most likely your path.  Think about it.  Do you think the universal Source of love would be so cruel as to make your path hard for you?  Not likely.  If it’s your path, I imagine it would be something easy and fun that you found natural to do.  The hard part is overcoming the fear and the ego and the beliefs we carry that things have to be a certain way.

So, go write down all those things that made you happy, that you seem to just do naturally, that you dreamed about, and may still dream about and figure out a way to bring them in to your life.  It might be difficult but it will be worth it.

As for the rest of it, accepting and living your truth?   Well, sometimes that’s a little harder to put into action but I’ll tackle that one later this week and give you my perspective on it.

With Love and Light,


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Truth, Lies and Procrastination

All hail the Queen!! Yep, that’s me. I am the queen of Procrastination but luckily I usually have lots of company, don’t I? There are as many kingdoms of Procrastination to rule as there are people so each of us has our own little domain of avoidance and excuses.

Take this project for example. Six month ago I had no idea that I’d be trying to write articles or even considering trying to get paid for them (haven’t gotten there yet). However, when I did decide that I was going to start writing, it sort of came in spurts. At first I was going to write a story. I’m an admin temp and many of my jobs to date have been receptionist positions. This means that sometimes there is a lot of time for me to try and look busy, which I thought was perfect, because I could write during that time. Instead, I started reading Jane Austen online. Great site called The Literature Page. I would spend my time doing that in the afternoons after the daily stuff was done instead of writing my story and then I hatched the idea of starting a blog, and writing up my opinion on healing and some of the channelings I get from my guides. Seemed like an idea at the time. It took me a month to get a blog even started (November). Then it took me 2 weeks to write an intro. Then it took me another month to write an article, then another month to post in January about an authentic life, and then I just posted on Monday again. So, slowly I’m working up to posting regularly. I’m aiming for twice a week and I do want to start another blog about some of the stranger messages I get but haven’t gotten there yet, either. I figure I’m doing pretty well just by sitting my butt down and actually writing anything.

I do still want to write a story (have one started but am writing by hand) and look, I’m still managing to procrastinate!!! I’ve blabbered on about how I got here, not about the actual topic. So, to business…

Truth, lies and procrastination is about the truth we avoid, the lies we tell ourselves to avoid it and what we do in between: procrastinate.

We clean the house, or do the filing, or catch up on our reading or do dishes, etc to avoid what we’ve said we’ll do. My classic is to clean up my clutter, because then I can work better. True. But I’d probably work better if I just sat down, ignored what was going around me, and just wrote. Also true, as today proves. (My desk is a mess!)

Procrastination happens when we agree (by nature of showing up at work, or to ourselves) to take on a task and tell whomever (others, ourselves, our friends, etc) that we’ll do it and do it in a certain amount of time. It starts off pretty innocently: oh, I have to finish this project first, I have to clean the house, do the filing, catch up on the magazines, clean the garage, yada, yada, yada, and then we’re up against a wall and either we sit down and get it done (usually when motivated by external circumstances) or we don’t do it at all (usually when we’ve only made the commitment to ourselves, friends or family) or we do it so far down the road that it doesn’t really matter anymore. Either way, we lie about it. We paint ourselves into a corner because we don’t want to actually do the task that we agreed to do. We lie to ourselves, and to other people, but mostly to ourselves. And why? Well, this is where the truth comes in.

Truth is actually subjective . . . and absolute. The problem is, no one actually knows the absolute truth, unless a third detached party can make observations without judgment, read God, or Source. Truth is based on what we think we know, what we think we see and what we believe. Where truth, lies and procrastination meet is when we believe that we won’t succeed, or will succeed or in the success, something bad will come of it. Something like more work, too much attention, not enough attention, mocking laughter, disappointment the next time because you didn’t do it as well as the last, or that you can’t do it again, etc. These “truths” and lies are based on previous experience, either in this life, with past lives weighing it, or because that’s what someone whom we trusted told us it was true. And sometimes the person we trusted who told us the “truth” is ourselves. In fact, most of the time, it is ourselves from whom we receive those “truths” because our fear creates them or underlies them or emphasizes them; our fear of not being loved, of not being enough, or of being hurt.

And are they true? Sometimes, yes, they are. For example, gravity exists, but other times … it’s only true if we believe it is. We are only failures if we believe we are, not because someone else said we were. So, we lie, to make it less scary so we don’t have to go out on a limb and actually test the truth or throw our reality into chaos.

I don’t think I’m a bad writer. I think I have a style that won’t appeal to everyone but it took me over 20 years to come back to writing, something I loved to do as a young un’ and that I was good at whenever I did it. (Ok, if you think I’m bad, please don’t let me know right now). I wanted to be a writer for a living. And now, here I am. I’m not doing it full time, but I am writing and I love it, and hate it (there’s that procrastination bug), but mostly love it.

So why did I procrastinate? What are the lies I told myself? No one cares, it won’t make a difference, no one will ever read it (well, so far, true, as I haven’t told more than 5 people about the blog). What was the truth I was avoiding? No one wanted to hear my opinion, my thoughts, my view, my imagination, etc. . . . Well, maybe people don’t but I was charged with a greater purpose – I have a need to help save the world (I think I mentioned this previously) so this is one way for me to try – to help others with my own stories of how I get through, and frankly, I have a big mouth. But in procrastinating, I only hurt myself more. I let my fear control my life and I lied to myself, saying yes, I will do this today, then I didn’t do it today, or the next day, or the next, until a whole month or two went by. And are those fears still there? Well, yeah, I’m human aren’t I? The courage comes and the real, or the absolute Truth comes when you over come your fear and stand in the light of your joy and let your light shine.

And procrastination? Bah, I speet in zee face of procrastination . . . well, I’ll take it a day at a time, sometimes a moment at a time and every time I get the urge to clean the bathroom instead of writing something, I’ll stop and look at myself (maybe even in an actual mirror, ‘cause I’m kinda cute) and look at my stuff, and say, why? Why am I avoiding doing what I really want to? And I will take a deep breath and look myself in those pretty blues and say, I’m not giving in to my fear. I’m going to let go of the outcome, and I’m going to do what I really enjoy doing and what will be, will be.

So, look at your truth, and the lies you tell yourself, and what is making you procrastinate. If you can’t find what you love, at least acknowledge what you don’t love. I’ll write up a few things that may help you to find the things you love. And don’t be so hard on yourself. You got this far, didn’t you?

With Love and Light,


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2012, Part 2


We were talking about win-win (2012, Part 1): when I do healing, I channel Source (Universal Love) energy through me and the client accepts or draws what they need from that flow and I end up receiving some from the flow as well (there is always enough for everyone). We were also talking about how we can help the Earth, Gaia, through her process and the changes that will occur in 2012. Given all this, what if we set the intent to do a win-win-win situation?

First of all, let me explain intent.

Intent is, according to, the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific object. Intent is also to have meaning or significance.

Intention, from the same source, is purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.

So, some examples of setting an intention, or setting the intent are:

I set the intent to actually get my writing done (haha);

I set the intent that today will be a good day and I will stay in my happy place;

I set the intent that this healing is for this person’s highest good and that anything not for my their highest good be moved out quickly, smoothly, gently, and easily for the energy fields; or, when you’re doing it for yourself,

I set the intent that this healing is for my highest good, etc

You get the point (if you don’t, let me know and I’ll try and explain it better).

Basically, you are setting the state of your mind and/or directing your mind (or energy) towards a specific outcome. In healing, and in most things, we set the intent to have a positive outcome, whether it’s clearing out our “stuff” (emotions, physical symptoms, etc that no longer serve us), or getting to work on time and in 1 piece (certainly something to work towards with the side roads the way they are right now in Calgary), or setting the intent that we will have a good time. In some ways, we undergo a change in perspective because we are deciding the outcome before hand so whatever happens, if we maintain faith in the postive outcome, it’s okay, because we’ll get what we aimed for in the end. And it’s not just the healer who sets the intent either –   the client has to set the intent for the session as well – this is called a common goal.  You discuss with the client what their goals are and establish those and set the intent for the healing session around those goals.

As for negative intent . . . well, you can certainly set the intent to have a negative outcome but why would you? There’s enough negative garbage floating around all you have to say is come to me and there it is.

So you say the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, I think that’s a discussion for another day (and I’ll get to it) Let’s just stick with setting the intent to have a positive outcome that is in the other person’s best interest, and not in your own.

So, back to win-win-win and how we can get there and how we can use the principle of energy flow to create a win-win-win to help Gaia, the Earth. Remember, Gaia, the woman who came to you for help in her healing process? She’s Earth and she needs help. So whenever you are doing healing work and setting the intent that your client get exactly what they need to help themselves heal, also set the intention to send any extra energy to the Earth, to Gaia, to help her healing too. Not much effort required there – just set the intent and allow that Source energy to flow through you. The intent your setting is for the extra energy, not used by your client or by you go to Earth for her to use it. She knows what to do with it and there are other people working to help her with that too so don’t sweat it, just send it.

Now, I am not however suggesting in ANY WAY that you compromise your client care. If you aren’t comfortable with setting an intent other than that for your client care, then don’t. Your client is your primary concern. Don’t compromise them or yourself. What’s that expression, Do what you will, an it harm none. So it should be. It is your duty and responsibility as a caregiver to create a safe place for your client (s) to do their healing work in and a sacred contract of sorts to be their access to Universal (Source) Love and Energy.  You also have a responsibility to leave your stuff out of the session as well; don’t forget that part either.  Stay focussed on the client’s needs.

However, if you do feel okay setting a secondary intent, then do. When you work with intent, stating it clearly helps. So how you would state it? What is the call for help?

Well, the basics of a general, everyday, client focused call for Source to come in and help us goes something like this:

We set the intent for this time and this place that this client (person/name of client) receive energy to help them release anything not for their highest good and for it to move out quickly, smoothly, gently and easily.

All the healers I’ve worked with have a variation of this statement.  The main element is that the process be for the client’s highest good a.k.a. a positive outcome for them. As a healer, I don’t normally set a specific intent for myself in my client sessions but there is certainly nothing to stop me from doing so provided I make it clear that the client is first priority.  But I (and you) passively absorb energy for healing anyway and your body is, in some ways, trained to use any Source / positive energy it gets access to for it’s highest good. Or at least its highest priority which, as we know, is not always its highest good but let’s stay positive here.

To expand the client statement from above, you might add something to the effect that any extra energy not used by the client or yourself be forwarded to Gaia, to Earth, to be used for her highest good.

So, win-win-win and not so much extra effort.

If you don’t want to do a three-way, just set the intent to do a healing session directly with Gaia.  And how do you set mutual goals and do an assessment on her?  Well, I’ll come back to that another day – I need to ask my guides about that (and ask Gaia, I suppose).

And, yes, it is true that some people need more energy than others, which is why there are so many different types of healers out there.  People just starting with energy work often can’t handle as much as those who have been doing it regularly.  It’s kind of like exercise:  the more you do, the easier it becomes.  Gaia’s pretty big though,  so how do you make sure you don’t get sucked dry, or spontaneously combust with the kind of energy that she might draw through you? Most people build up to it and as you’re ready to move stuff (your personal “stuff” that is), you will draw more energy. It’s a natural thing – as you clear yourself, so there is more space for energy to flow – kind of like the difference between a clear artery and a clogged one.  So how do you make sure that you aren’t going to be sucked dry by Gaia?

Well, many, including me, believe that we are the connectors between Heaven (Source Energy) and Earth (Gaia).  If we are, then we are constantly in a cycle of moving energy through us from Source, to Gaia and back again so handling that energy flow is something we all do every day.  In a healing, you just  set the intent that you only channel as much energy as you can handle at this point so you aren’t going to burn out or spontaneously combust.  I don’t think that would actually happen, I think there are natural shut down valves of sorts in our bodies;   we do hit burn out points and max out our stress level, but you never know.  At this point, I would stick with the principle of better safe than sorry and set the intent that you are going to be the bottle neck and will only channel as much energy to her as you can handle.

But something else about healing . . . don’t do any focused client work (with Gaia, or anyone else) unless you are feeling strong enough to do it.  Channelling energy takes energy, so if you haven’t got much to spare to start with (you’re tired, sick, worn out, etc) then how can you spare any to work with? It’s kind of like a starter on an engine – it runs off the battery (I think) so you need some juice to get the rest of the juice running.  You don’t want to burn yourself out because then you can’t help anyone else; sometimes not even yourself.

And, what if you aren’t a healer?  What can I, the lay person, who doesn’t do specific healing work, do for Gaia? Aside from recycling and taking the bus or walking that is?  I have notes for you too ut that will be for the next part of this series (part 3)

Take care,

With love and light,


Please be aware that all opinions stated in here are my own. MY OWN. They are based on my experiences and my beliefs. So, if I’ve described something that you don’t agree with, or feel differently about – good – we should all hear different opinions and ideas so we can open up our reality and our vision and see more of what’s out there. Send me a comment about it.  You can leave a comment here or send me an email at

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What’s the scoop for 2009? Living an Authentic life.

Well, here it is.  2009.  Where on earth did it come from?  It certainly seems like time is moving faster than ever before and I think the physicists are trying to prove it – something to do with the universe shrinking??  Who knows.  I failed Physics in University – I always had a hard time believe that the desk pushed back.  Of course, now that I’m more enlightened (heehee) I’m willing to accept the desk pushing back.

So, time is moving faster.  I think.  Maybe I’m just having more fun – which is true too.  Now that I’ve come in to my own (reality, gifts, passions) life is more interesting.

For 2009, I did a little bit of channeling and asked the guides what is going on.  I got a fair bit but one of the main themes was living an authentic life.  I did a card reading with a friend on New Year’s Day as well and she got the same message, and did some healing last week as well and got the same message so I gather it’s a pretty big deal.

Live an authentic life.  What does that mean?  That means living in our truth, no longer accepting things because it’s easier than not to but to actually look at our lives and see what we’re unhappy about and where we’re unhappy and fix it or at least acknowledge it – something a lot of us don’t do because the alternative is – well, what will I do?  How will I pay the bills.  But the catch is, in acknowledging our truth, our unhappiness if that is the case, also means we now have to do something about it.

Is it easy?  No, it’s not.  It’s damned scary – believe me.  I quit my job in May; it was a nice little company but I wasn’t happy there, I didn’t like me there and they weren’t happy with me either although my work was always pretty good but that wasn’t enough.  I was getting bad headaches that were lasting 2 and 3 days at a time and finally, I said enough. I didnt’ know how I was going to pay the bills, or what I was going to do but I knew that I was going to give notice, and for the first time in a very very long time, I was going to actually quit my job and not get laid off from it.  So I did.

I went in and talked to the boss, a great guy, and he said, well, let’s see what we can do to help you.  And he did: they gave me work for the first 2 months and kept me in rent money and then it tricked off a bit but I started temping and so on to where I am now.  I don’t get much work from them anymore but they’re with the oil industry so it’s a bit slow right now. And that’s okay.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been tough times, but I would rather be stressed about money and focusing on what’s important to me than feeling like I’m dying and losing myself every time I  get out of bed or walk into the office.

Looking at your truth does create a new level of awareness.  It does mean setting new priorities and it does mean that we can’t go back. Once you’ve seen the light and found even a bit of happiness, it’s kind of hard to go back to hell.

So, how do you get through it? Day by day, minute by minute and with faith.  You have to do it with the faith that if you are following what makes you happy that you can manifest situations you need to make ends meet to continue following your bliss – or finding your happiness. To manifest you have to be postive in setting your intent.  No worrying about how to pay the bills until you’re up against the wall (?? what??? I don’t know how to answer that one) but to get through, manifest the situation you want – the positive outcome you want by not accepting anything else but the postive outcome and not focusing on what you don’t have but what you do have and on what you want and in not defining how you want it.

For example, if you want money, ask for money and let go of how it will come to you.  Don’t limit the options of how money can come to you by only saying I need to get a job or more hours.  I do readings, healings, admin work, and work as a temp.  I can also shovel walks, get lottery tickets and have old relatives who may die and parents and friends.  They all have money – so money can come in many different ways.  So, don’t limit how the money gets to you – just ask for it to come and the opportunity to make it come if necessary.

The guide entity call Abraham, whom Esther Hicks channels for compares it to swimming in a river.  When you are out of alignment with truth, with what makes you happy, you are swimming upstream, and making things more difficult.  When you’re on your path and living in truth, you are swimming downstream.

Remember physics again?  Like attracts like.  If you’re positive you’ll attract positive and vice versa.  Think negative and it will come. Try it with parking sometime.  It might not work the first time but it will eventually.  I will get a great parking space.  And bear in mind, it might relative – only 20 cars away from teh door rather than 50.  It’s relative.  and as you stay postiive and get stronger at putting out those vibes, you’ll be able to get really good parking.  Just try it – it does work.

Do I have all the answers and have it all worked out? Nope.  But I’m working on it and it is a struggle every day.  I spent the whole month of December worrying about how much money I didn’t have rather than writing articles and doing what I do like to do adn enjoying the time off.  I was broke for the month and had to take some other measures to pay the rent.  I didn’t believe.  But I’m working on it now and I’ve already made more money in these first 5 days of January than I did the entirety of last month.  It does work.  And I’m proving it, a little at a time, both to myself and to anyone who wants to listen or read about it.

An authentic life.  It’s easier once you overcome your fear, your doubt, all the inborn training and belief systems that we’re raised with and your ego.  But unfortunately, part of the human condition is that if it’s too easy, we don’t believe it’s worth it.  The truth is that is should all be easy.

The universe moves in mysterious ways.  Make the mystery yours and follow your truth.

With love and light,


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