Hello world!

Hi all.

As a beginner blogger, I am just going to throw some things out about this site. 

First off – I named myself Compass Rose Energy Works a few years ago  I still really like that and I mistakenly started a blog named that but I’m not sure how I’ll go forward with it because it’s a big fingerful when you’re typing.

Wyld Vynes is what I call my design line for jewelry (pendulums and mobiles most recently, but also rings, pendants and earrings) but will also be creating bags (totes, messenger bags, etc).  So, Compass Rose Energy Works is a big mouthful but we’ll see where we go with that.

I don’t think this will be the final site for all my work.  I intend to set up a site for my healing information and reference and for my channelling work as well.  Maybe this one will be for my personal growth – who knows.   The reason I want separation between the 2 sites is for my readers’ sake – they can choose what they want to read and where they want to read it.

I am getting lots of new information every day and working on my own healing everyday as well.  As such, I am now ready to make some public statements.

I am taking new healing clients.  The nature of my healing talents lie in moving blockages for people.  Blockages come in the form of limiting beliefs, fears, habits and other assorted symptoms of fear and other things that keep us from being our true selves.  Having worked hard to get to this point, and in continuing to work on clearning my own blocks, I know how difficult, frustrating and downright painful this process can be.  So, if you want to get YOUR stuff moved out, be prepared, I have lots of experience moving. (I’ll write more about the thoeries of moving, too, as I’ve experienced it.)

As for the channelling, I am always open to new clients.  I get messages when I do healing work but when I do readings, I start with the messages and the healing comes from those.  I do healing during the readings too sometimes so either way, you will benefit from the process. 

A very good friend of mine brought me some questions one day, some BIG questions – like about 2012, and the nature of reality on earty, and I”ve channelled some info on those types of things and plan to post the information I get from that. So thanks to her, for making me start looking at the bigger picture.

The other thing I want to introduce on both of those sites is information about 2012.  More to come on that when I get the sites up and running. 

Well, that’s all I’m going to post for now.  I’ll focus on getting the other sites up and running by the end of the weekend because . . .

The time is now . ..

love and light,



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